Entire Olympus Board to Resign After Panel Issues Damning Report

It looks like Olympus ex-CEO Michael Woodford will be getting his wish after all as the Olympus scandal continues to unfold. A day after an independent panel issued a report that slammed the company’s top management as being rotten (though at the same time finding no links to organized crime), the entire board of directors has indicated that it will step down. Perhaps confident that the company will soon be back on the right track, investors have pushed the stock price back up to over ¥1,100 — up from its 52 week low of ¥424 back in early November.

Image credit: board room by @MSG

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  • Jean Max

    Olympus use to be a good company and tops at innovation. Their innovation carried them a little bit too far from the mold and they became a cult-company with a smaller and smaller piece of the pie.