Easy Ways to Exceed Client Expectations

Here’s a video in which business-savvy photographer Sal Cincotta shares some tips on how to turn your photography service into an experience that your clients will remember and be excited to recommend to others.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Richard

    Those are all excellent ideas for anyone in any kind of business, small to large. It’s called customer service and Sal is right, it’s the little stuff that helps bring clients back.

    Of course, one also has to deliver the goods: high quality images, but assuming that, these tips on customer service are excellent.

  • Janez

    I love his office ;)

  • Joe

    He exceeded my expectations for how many times he could say “exceed client expectations.”

  • Lijiaxin8819

    It is so cool! I like it!
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  • Anthony Burokas

    Sal’s ways of exceeding client expectations:
    A thank you card.
    Say goodnight to everyone.
    A gift.
    Reply promptly.
    Don’t take forever.

    What does that say of the business if the “norm” is not saying goodnight, not replying promptly, taking forever to deliver the goods.

    That said, I’ve been in the event business for over 20 years and I have provided the video services for several different photogs, and all of them were above the norm. Prompt, courteous, fast turnaround, etc. Yes, it’s great advice, but I think the majority of good, professional event photogs / video companies already do all this.

    Well, except maybe sending a bottle of wine that _you_ like to your new client (who may not like it.) What he should have suggested is you get to know your clients, discuss several things with them, and then give them an appropriate gift, like a bottle of wine _they_ like. Or a “night at the movies” gift package. Or a gift cirtificate to their favorite restaurant. That would show both your gratitude and the fact that you listened to them and paid attention.

    Saying goodnight, is a given for the wedding couple & family. I’ve tried the whole bridal party thing and at the end of the night, when most are a bit tipsy, most don’t care, aren’t round, and don’t remember. But by paying particular attention to the core family group (couple & all parents) all night long, you become the defacto referral. They are the “point-person” when it comes to questions down the road… “Who did your flowers? Who did your photos?” so by maintaining THIS connection, you reach the entire bridal party and beyond.

  • Scott McNamara

    Why is he in a field?  I want to see a video about that.

  • Dnguyen

    I have to admit that I didn’t expect much once he said “outside the softbox”.

  • Dan Howard

    some good advice, but posting images on facebook while clients are on honeymoons is wrong

  • Jenna Weiner

    Wrong? Hmm. I think it depends on your perspective. My husband and I got married a few months ago and spent a week on our honeymoon. We didn’t have a strong internet signal there, but when we found some we were so excited to see that our photographer had emailed us a few sneak peeks. It was awesome. And even if we weren’t able to see the pictures on Facebook, my family and friends could see them and really enjoyed it.