Epic Gursky-esque Photos of Apartments

Falling Apart is a series by Japanese photographer Yuya Takeda that consists of synthetic photographs of apartment buildings. It’s reminiscent of Andreas Gursky’s sweeping architectural photographs.

You can find the rest of the series over on Takeda’s blog.

Falling Apart (via Orms Connect)

  • GianCarlo

    These images give me a headache and a confined feeling.. not at all like Gursky imo other then its the side of a building in the photo.  

  • TylerIngram

    The bottom photo reminds me of SimTower

  • Valentino

    It is enough that we see these buildings all over the place in suburbs and inner cities. . . These photos tell us nothing that we do not already take notice of. ALl they do is copy and . . . well, there you have it. Boring.

  • Dmitri

    These are great. I have attempted to make one the other day, but didn’t work out: don’t want to be posting photos of recognizable people’s living spaces.

  • Ilguiz [eel ghEEz] Latypov

    The author did not say that he synthesized the works.

  • Dennis Marciniak

    I miss Sim Tower. Until you mentioned it I didn’t even realize but you’re right.

  • Skybase

    Hello! The author speaking here of the work, just thought I’d like to say that in response to this comment, that the blog post’s been given an “update.” And yes, while it did not originally mention they were synthetically generated within the description itself, I had a tag / category tag that placed the work under procedural and synthetic. I mean, that wasn’t honestly not enough so hearing this comment made me say, “It’s time to fix it.” So I did. These works also appeared on Behance and consequently on Photography Served where I wrote a description saying it was synthetic. So yes, thanks. With care and respect. -T.

  • 9inchnail

    Well, Gursky makes a fortune with boring photos so stop the hatin’, bro.

  • Alick

    Those interested in these types of images may also want to look at the work of Michael Wolf, see here and click ‘Architecture of Density’ on the right.

  • QT Luong

    Michael Wolf did extremely similar work in Hong Kong.