Bluetooth Headsets Double as Wireless Shutter Releases for the iPhone

With the introduction of iOS 5, Apple finally turned the iPhone’s volume up button into a shutter button and its headphones into remote shutter releases. However, did you know that many Bluetooth headsets can now be used as wireless shutter releases? As long as your device can wirelessly increase the iPhone’s volume (and not just its own) it should work. This means that even Bluetooth keyboards can be used as wireless remotes!

(via Macworld via Lifehacker)

Image credit: jawbone + iPhone by camflan

  • SLJonesDigital

    As long as I don’t have to wear my shutter release stuck in my ear.  

  • Harry Lim

    Shut The Front Door! I’m gonna try this right now!

  • John Reinert Nash

    I can confirm that a bluetooth keyboard works for this.  Sadly, it doesn’t work with Photobooth, which would be very useful.

  • Harley130

    Anybody know which Bluetooth headsets are compatible with this feature?  Looking to upgrade my old bluetooth and want to be sure and get one that supports this feature.