A Basic Introduction to Studio Lighting

Want to learn the basics of studio lighting? Here’s a two-hour-long lecture with photographer Joey Quintero in which he gives an overview of the basic principles, techniques, and tools.

  • Tracy Hoots Hoexter

    Thank you for posting this great resource for beginners!

  • Stefaan Ellebaut

    He’s sure making a lot of long stories short, and what not… :D

  • Danilo Severnini

    very interesting video, thanks for sharing……..danilo of INPDAP prestiti

  • Simon

    Great resource. One point Joey makes is to “go easy” on your equipment and to that end to use a shutter speed of 1/125 rather than 1/250 for example. If this is because of the belief that this way the shutter is moving slower and is less likely to suffer wear and tear then this is an incorrect understanding of how shutters work. Shutter blades move at the same speed for all exposure times for all cameras with focal plane shutters. The camera only varies the time the shutter is fully open (for times longer than the x-sync speed) and the width of the moving slit (for times shorter than the x-sync speed). This way the shutter mechanism can be kept simple, cheap and durable. Shorter exposure times can be achieved by more precise timing instead of faster shutter blades. See for details. But this is a minor quibble. I learnt a lot from this presentation.

  • Eli Snook

    I took it as putting less strain on the lighting equipment.  Needing less output from strobes with the slower shutter.


    studio light is fanstastic prestiti inpdap