What Fujifilm’s Upcoming Mirrorless Camera Might Look Like

A designer in Japan created this mockup of what Fujifilm’s upcoming mirrorless camera might look like based on photos that were leaked earlier this week.

Here’s one of the leaked photos showing the camera without the black wrap:

For comparison’s sake, here’s the Fujifilm X100 (which doesn’t have interchangeable lenses):

Photo Rumors thinks that the camera might have a grip, based on evidence of grip mounts in the leaked photos. With a grip, it might look something like this:

Earlier today we reported on rumors that the camera will pack a special new “organic sensor” that will allow the camera’s image quality to rival that of full frame cameras, even though it packs a smaller APS-C sensor. Also, the camera will reportedly be called the Fujifilm LX10.

(via ktf_turbo via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • Ram


  • Through Painted Eyes

    Yep. I’m switching to Fuji.

  • Anonymous

    Look like Fuji is on the right track.

  • ryandigweed

    Wahoo.. hope it isn’t expensive  !

  • Josh Ladella

    Man, Fuji’s figured things out pretty well. An icon from the film industry that took the right steps in creating a new market, using themes from the past that they used to dominate. Kodak on the other hand, held on too tightly to the past that most people had let go of. Fuji’s done a good job: fully embracing the digital world while incorporating just the right elements from the past they (almost) left behind.

    Hats off to you Fuji. If only I had the money to buy your masterpiece…

  • deBona

    Am I the only one who thinks the x100 looks way better?

  • Tran-Shawn Yu

    based of a spyshot of the rumored device without its exterior finishes?? 

    *rolls eyes*

    I bet the x100 looks just as ugly if you stripped away the metallic covers and plastic grips…

  • Retor

    So, it will be kind of camera shaped, with a somewhat retro finish. Well, I’m shocked.

  • Ellehcim_abanto

    My first & only camera was fujifilm and i really love the quality of the photos., i think if ever i replace it i also want fuji.. love it! :)