A Peek at Lytro’s Dead Simple User Guide

Lytro‘s consumer light field camera is currently paying a visit to the FCC on its way to store shelves near you. Along with documents related to their testing of the device, the agency has also published the User Guide that comes along with the camera.

(via FCC via Engadget)

  • P Neill Photography

    I’m concerned that this camera is fooling us all – is it not just a camera that takes a picture with a very large depth of field, then when you select an area of a picture as a focal point, its blurs areas outside that point in the depth of field.  Essentially, a filter…?  I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I cant help but feel we are going to look back on this camera and say, “wow, they really sc****d us over there!”

  • Guest

    As stupid as the concept itself!!! This is just getting more ridiculous!!!!

  • P Neill Photography

    Also if that is the case, in order to get around poor low light photos due to narrow aperture, they may use a very high ISO.  This could explain the low megapixel count, as spreading the electronics over the sensor with larger gaps, helps lessen noise at high ISO values.

  • Clive Moss

    Nope. Read the Ph.D thesis behind the technology. You do lose resolution, but there is real new stuff in there.

  • Zak Henry

    Actually no. Last time I looked f/2 wasn’t a narrow aperture. Read up on the technology.

  • Socofotoco

    Super cool technology. My only question still … are the images printable??? Low resolution or not, I don’t only want to email them or post them to Facebook. 

  • Felipe Manga

    Probably not very good for print… looking at the images on their website I see lots of chromatic aberration, noise, and generally not very sharp photos. On the other hand, now a days most images go online and are never printed, especially when you take their target market into account, so it’s not that big a problem.

    The real problem is this classifies as a simple compact camera… a classification that seams to be getting killed by cellphones. If this could be seen as an alternative to a Canon G12 it’d make more sense. :/

  • Spider- Man

    I don’t know why, but I do not like this ‘camera’