Leg Hair Font: A Bizarre Typeface Created with Photos of Leg Hair

Mayuko Kanazawa of Tama Art University in Japan was recently given the assignment of creating a typeface without the aid of a computer. She decided to use a camera, but instead of doing a more ordinary alphabet photo project, she decided to photograph leg hair manipulated into different characters.

Yes, there are uppercase letters as well:

She also created a concept design of what it would look like if Adidas decided to use her font for an advertisement:

(via myk via Laughing Squid)

  • Ílson bolzan

    Almost impossible to read O.o

  • Ollie Williams

    I hope that wasn’t HER leg!

  • Victor Chichizola

    at firt view they look like pubs

  • Blake Williams


  • Miyuki


  • Anonymous

    I think I’m going to be sick now…

  • Felipe Yang

    Now let’s see an article typed out in this font…

  • Laf

    How can I buy a copy of this font?

  • Trevj

    The kerning is off by a …, oh never mind!

  • Taro O


  • Mickey Hunter 007


  • Alcovia

    @Trevj, do you mean the curling was off? :)

  • Amanda37

     For a school assignment…