Old Gadgets Taken Apart, Photographed, and Reassembled Digitally

The photographs in artist Max de Esteban’s Proposition One project might look like X-Ray images, but they were actually captured with an ordinary camera. They were created by carefully deconstructing old gadgets, photographing them in “layers”, then “reassembling” the gadgets digitally. You can see them on display through December 9th at Klompching Gallery in NYC

Proposition One (via PDN)

Image credits: Photographs by Max de Esteban and courtesy Klompching Gallery

  • Debra Klomp Ching

    Thanks for the post! We’re very excited to be exhibiting this work by Max de Esteban. I thought I might share with you his process in a little more detail – it’s pretty awesome!

    Max actually disassembles apparatus such as film projectors, 35mm film cameras,
    VHS tape players and record players. Piece-by-piece, the parts are
    painted white, the machines are then reassembled (now embalmed in white paint) and photographed at
    different stages of being re-built. The photographed layers are
    themselves assembled into a single image. The number of photographic layers depends on the complexity of the object’s design.

    Debra Klomp Ching

  • 8fps

    I disassemble only digital crap. No soul hidden, I swear.