Composite Self-Portrait Made Using 500 Photographs of One Face

Inspired by Noah Kalina’s viral everyday video a girl who goes by clickflashwhirr has been doing a similar self-portrait-a-day project. Designer Tiemen Rapati decided to make a composite image showing what the average of the self-portraits looks like. Taking 500 images from clickflashwhirr’s Flickr set, Rapati wrote a script that counts the individual RGB values for each pixel, averaging them across the 500 portraits.

Here’s a sampling of the photographs used:

Here’s clickflashwhirr’s well known time-lapse video:

(via Colossal)

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  • Amando96

    161 million pixels to analyze..

  • anonymus

    Wow! Phenomenal and beautiful! I think that looks like the way how the human mind remembers/recognizes faces. Genial!

  • kendon

    would love to see that script…

    funny how in the source of this article the author notices computers being involved, and then wonders “how surgically accurate she must sit” for her eyes to align on each shot. yeah, probably no computers involved with that ;)

  • @newendpro

    i’ve been following her portraits, she’s pretty dedicated, and attractive to! 

  • Daniel Hoherd

    Averaging photos is easy with exiftool: exiftool *.jpg -average outfile.jpg

    There’s also a GUI for the app.  With properly aligned images you too can make shots like this.

    It’s even easier with Photoshop though, it will auto-align for you.

  • Louhe87

    she has super hair

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    Buenas tardes. Sólo decir que melafo pero vamos, hasta descuajeringarla.
    Saludos y buen fin de semana.

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  • Jo

    La verdad, habrá que hacer un comentario de más nivel que los anteriores…


  • Melafo

    Que buena está la joia. Melafo.

  • Ivan Tovu-Kalot

    yeah something doesnt add up. a person this dedicated to taking a self pic daily would also love to cash in on the fall out from the project. Interviews, Doccos, sponsorship etc etc etc   Yet the person is still a ghost.

  • Michael Young

    @facebook-100002479747833:disqus  Unless you don’t need the money and appreciate your privacy.

  • Michael Young

    Unless you don’t need the money and appreciate your privacy.

  • singularis

    oh damn, I’m in love…

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