Amazon Selling a Wireless Remote for Nikon DSLRs for Just $2

Amazon is selling the Photive ML-L3 Wireless Shutter Release Remote for Nikon DSLRs for just $2 with free shipping. The retail price is $30, so it’s a crazy 93% discount. No idea if the price will last — maybe it’s a mistake.

Photive ML-L3 Wireless Shutter Release Remote (via The Digital Picture)

Update: Looks like the remote only ships to US addresses.

Update: Here’s something similar for Canon DSLRs for $2.88.

  • Sandup

    Ah may be US only. Tried to buy one and get it delivered to London and it gave me a big fat NO.

  • Morphy

    Same in Germany:
    “We’re sorry. This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order.”

  • Mike Heller

    Won’t ship to Canada either.  Lame.

  • Dean W. Thompson

    I just tried to order 10.. damn

  • Mike Pepin

    I just ordered one and I don’t even own a Nikon.  I hoped to start my photography hobby/obsession next year but for this price, I’ll start a little early!

  • Rick Bennett

    You can get the same basic thing on Deal Extreme for only $3 with free shipping. I believe they’ll ship it world-wide.

  • Cochese

    Avoid this kind of shutter release. These things are flimsy and pale in comparison to an RF shutter release. Even if it is only $2.00 or $3.00. Unless you cannot afford the typical $20.00 price for an RF model, there is no reason to strain yourself with one of these.

    So, unless you love having to perfectly align these things and maintain a fairly limiting reach, go for the RF remote triggers, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Anonymous

    The same ( different brand ) is available in ebay for $3.50.  under: Nikon remote

  • Adam Walpert

    There is an equivalent product for Canon selling for about $3.00 on Amazon.  I have it and it works well.

  • William

    Ebay, I bought a Pentax remote for under £2. Bought three, gave one away and I still have a spare. Canikon remotes are the same price or less.

  • gabe sturdevant

    I got mine in the mail today, with postage due. Had to pay 10 bucks in shipping on “free shipping”

  • Michael Zhang

    That’s strange. I’ve never heard of a business doing that when it’s advertised as “free shipping”