Letters Formed Out of Ordinary Scenes

Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi‘s creative alphabet photographs are similar to the word photos by Stephen Doyle installations that we shared back in September, except Borsodi doesn’t use tape to create his letters. Instead, he arranges the things found in each scene so that the objects and the negative space work together to form characters.

You can find more of these alphabet photos here and here.

Image credits: Photographs by Bela Borsodi and used with permission

  • Jonathan Lopez

    The serif “P” gets me!  haha, so good!

  • Balazs

    Bela is a common Hungarian surname Borsodi is a Hungarian family name and also name of a Hungarian county :D so probably he is Hungarian :D

  • Muskegcreek
  • kendon

    not according to the bio on his website:

  • Anonymous


  • David

    I think “Instead, she arranges…” is meant to be “he.”