How to Combine Artificial Lights with an Evening Sky

Photographer Jay P. Morgan made this informative walkthrough showing how he shot a photograph that combines artificial light with the evening sky:

[…] its a simple street light or a full on city scape this process works. We shot a scene for Pilot Freight Services using this method and got great results. We shot our background plate of the bridge and city lights and combined it with a shot done later of the truck.

It’s not exactly a project you can do by yourself, but the concepts he explain can be applied to your nighttime photography.

  • Almond

    “Jay P. Morgan” as in “J.P. Morgan Chase”?

  • Graysmith

    I prefer Wells Fargo’s tutorials.

  • duncan

    Aperture Mode….seriously?

  • sheeple

    am i the only one that noticed hes shooting in jpeg?

  • Jackie Wu

    I did! I was like… WHYYYYY.

  • Jackie Wu

    I have done a photo not quite unlike what he has done, in 2007. I was still using photomatix back then, it was a combined photo of over an hour. In Hong Kong there was a fireworks display at 8pm, way after the sky has gone dark.

  • Caleb Roseland

    ISO 125?? And JPEG? Really? (native ISO at 100, additional gain to get 125 = more noise)

  • Michael

    this was one of the weaker videos I have seen. The only take away was that it is possible to close a off ramp on the LA freeway for a photo.. wonder what that cost?

  • Michael

    Where can I find the Wells Fargo’s tutorials? I only found bank info on a web search.. thanks