A Look At How Much the iPhone Camera Has Improved

Photographer Lisa Bettany has an interesting post over at Camera+ comparing the iPhone 4S camera to the cameras on each of the previous versions (and a couple other cameras as well). It’s an interesting look at how much cell phone cameras have improved since the original iPhone was announced at the beginning of 2007.

How does the iPhone 4S camera stack-up against other cameras? (via Foto Actualidad)

  • Photos By Rikki

    What an incredible improvement!

  • Diego Sapriza

    jaja.. no big deal.. after you take that picture you use instagram to destroy it :) 

  • Terjay

    Now the images are actually in focus!

  • Cor Oskam

    Fun, but not a very good test. Pictures of the Iphone (3) are out of focus, and the shots are too small to compare, but after all the image quality is improving. (You can also compare a Canon powershot from 2007 to one from now and you will also see a big difference).

  • Cliff

    The point is that the first two iPhone models couldn’t focus closely enough for macro photography.

  • Anonymous

    There these are great pictures – The first two iPhones were fixed-focus, so that what happens when object is too close to the camera, so it is great comparision pics.

  • Rob-L

    I kind of like the iP 4 images better than the iP 4S

  • kit

    some people don’t use filters to post on instagram, you know.

  • 8fps

    Proof? I can easily fabricate a similar ‘test’.

  • Anonymous

    BS post next. i dont remember original iphone pic being that blurrrrrrry.. that just out of focus….

  • Max

    well then go and *do* the test

  • ERi

    it’s not because cameras have improved. Right now, they could put a camera twice as good in an iphone but they don’t, why?… cause no one wants to pay an extra $300 dollars for it.

    source: my dad works at/owns a retail camera shop so I hear about these things a lot.

  • Anonymous

    There is not out/in of focus when talking about the iPhone or 3g – they have *fixed-focus* lens.

  • Anonymous

    would have been interesting to include images from a good p&s (XZ-1 or S95) and an APC camera (Sony A55 or Nikon D7000) just to see what you’re missing when shooting with a cell cam. Canon dSLR would work just as well, I’m just not familiar with their models.

  • T Gerlo

    big improvement!

  • Jim Nichols

    The original couldn’t do macro shots, that’s what the key sample shows.

  • Ffw

    shut up