Time-Lapse Shows the Beauty of Iceland During Perpetual Golden Hour

The “midnight sun” is a natural phenomenon that occurs in summer months near the Earth’s poles where the sun doesn’t set and is visible 24 hours a day. During these times, the sun travels horizontally across the horizon throughout the night, causing the landscape to be bathed in an extended “golden hour” light.

Back in June, photographer Joe Capra traveled across Iceland for 17 days, covering some 2,900 miles and capturing 38,000 photographs using two Canon 5D Mark IIs and a Canon 7D. He then combined the stills into this time-lapse video showing the beauty of that country during the midnight sun.

(via planet5D)

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  • Jason Mongue

    Wicked, thanks for sharing!!

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    Stuff like this makes us want to leave the office, grab our cameras and head to the hills (has Iceland got hills…?). Inspirational. 

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    Is the music Explosions in the Sky?