The M-Plate: One Camera Tripod Plate to Rule Them All

There are a number of products out there that connect your strap to your DSLR via the tripod mount, allowing it to swivel, but taking up the mount is an inconvenience for photographers who actually use it regularly with their tripod. San Francisco-based Custom SLR (makers of the C-Loop) has come up with a solution that offers the best of both worlds: the M-Plate.

It’s a new tripod plate that offers universal mounting compatibility: it works with whatever connection you use, whether it’s Manfrotto RC2, Arca-Swiss, or your standard tripod mount. At the same time, you’ll still be able to use any camera strap system as well, whether it uses a tripod mount or a traditional strap mounting point.

Here’s a video introducing the M-Plate:

The company is currently accepting pre-orders for the M-Plate through Kickstarter. $50 will land you one when they’re released.

M-Plate: A Multi-Function Camera Tripod Plate System (via DIYPhotography)

Disclosure: Custom SLR is a sponsor of this blog, but did not communicate with us at all regarding this post.

  • Nigel

    Good luck with that. A piece of metal sticking out the side of my camera as it’s bouncing off my hip doesn’t sound to appealing. That, and the fact the it’s off-center makes it a no-go for me personally.

  • Ballz

    great multi use factor, but it looks really cumbersome

  • Anjouone

    The off-axis aspect would make tilts strange wouldn’t it? I wonder if it will mount back to front off-axis rather than to the side.

  • Chris N

    As solely a tripod plate I do not think this is a good
    product.  I have a Really Right Stuff L bracket that is pretty much permanently
    mounted on my camera.  I use a Luma Loop camera strap system and I can
    connect their lanyard directly to the L bracket.  Since the lanyard
    connects to the corner of the bracket it does not interfere with connecting my
    camera to my tripod in either vertical or horizontal orientation.  Using a
    RRS L bracket allows me to attach my camera to the tripod directly on its center
    axis. I’m not a big fan of de-stabilizing my tripod by hanging thousands of
    dollars in equipment off the center axis. That’s specifically why I went with an
    L bracket so that I could shoot vertical shots without having to use the
    vertical scoop outs on my ballhead making my tripod unstable.  However, I do like the idea of the M plate
    being modular.  Being able to attach
    flash brackets and video rigs to the plate is a neat idea.  I am interested to see if this “Kickstart”
    gets momentum.

  • Wing Wong

    Interesting… though it looks like it is more like a plate for a platform system than a universal plate for AS/RC compatibility.  I’ve got to agree that the plate extending beyond the body is a deal breaker. Anything that sticks out to jab/catch/poke is a no-go.

    I’m with the RRS posters. A plate that blends with the camera body/grip is a winner. That plate while cool looking from a technical/hardware perspective is just not a win when it comes to keeping the camera body/form streamline.


  • Alessandro Casagli

    It’s funny because it takes only one (troll) manufacturer to change the shape of their product to not be anymore “universal”.

    Also, overpriced.

  • Wing Wong

    too true. I also couldn’t help but notice that once the accessory attachments are added… it can’t really be used as an AS/RC plate anymore.

    What would have been revolutionary would have been:
    – a flush to the body RRS style plate/L-bracket
    – inset C-clip that can be quickly attached to or released from the neck/shoulder/black-rapid strap.

    Done. Keep it simple, keep it compact. Had they done one like that, it would be a no-question winner.

    The problem with AS/RC plate compatibility is that RC quick release plates are bulky and tend to catch on things… on a vgrip, they are a real pain. :( Since switching to the AS system, I’ve been wow’d by the lack of my camera catching on things and just how comfortable it is.

  • Anonymous

    This being off-centered also puts too much torque on the mount IMHO and you can see that is isn’t level in the video when mounted on the Manfrotto RC2.

    I’d want the weight inline with the lens and the body for stability and lining up shots.The other thing is that normally a person investing in a DSLR and tripods buy into a systems so the idea that one would have 2-3 different tripod mounts causing issues is kinda silly instead of having mounts that you have standardized on.Shooting on a tripod isn’t meant to be a rushed process anyway where I could see moving from strap to tripod to tripod. If it was a problem likely I’d have 2 DSLRs with one mounted up and one on a strap.

  • Ivan

    Thanks for all the feedback. We’re listening. Just to clarify the M-Plate designs are yet to be finalized for production. The M-Plate’s M-Link port actually seconds as a mounting position for a flush fit even on smaller bodies (not pictured but we will have an update on it). Also the form factor, fitting and finish will be much more refined than the prototype in the video.

    If there are any more suggestions and concerns, please feel free to email me directly at ivan at

  • Jonathan Yao

    Cool, that is exactly what i have.  Although the RRS wedding bracket uses the L plate and you can make use of the multi-purpose rails to support other equipment of the plate

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