Street Art that Points Old School Cameras at Passers-By

Street artists Jana & JS visit cities across Europe and paint portraits of themselves (and sometimes others) shooting with various film cameras. Each piece first starts out as a photograph, which is then turned into a stencil that’s used to put up the painting.

You can find more of their work over on their website.

Jana & JS (via My Modern Met via WebUrbanist)

Image credits: Photographs by Jana & JS and used with permission

  • Michael D. Miller

    That’s great.¬† It helps educate the public that it’s not a bad thing to see a photographer on the streets.

  • Wing Wong

    Love the artwork. Great stuff.

  • 8fps

    What are old school cameras?

  • Mark J P

    Absolutely superb! :)

  • Mark J P

    Absolutely superb! :)

  • Sebasti√°n Soto

    I think they’re the ones that use a cylindrical memory card.