Creative Idea: Walking Forward in a Backward World

Here’s a fun and creative idea that requires brains rather than a big budget: using an ordinary video-capable camera and some basic editing software, you can show a person walking forward through a world that’s traveling backward. For even crazier examples of this same technique, check out the music videos for The Scientist by Coldplay, Typical by Mutemath, and Drop by The Pharcyde.

(via Reddit)

  • Sam Levy

    here is a live show from when i was younger: the first part is recorded (including the script) straight and then played backwards…
    I was impressed

  • Rodolfocorona

    I like more the Gamar Jobart stile

  • M. Federico

    Looks uncanny as hell

  • Guest

    any more info on how this was done? in terms of the mouth movements?

  • Laura N

    Here’s a video done with the same idea in mind, but it’s more impressive because it is a lip dub. Even more impressive is the fact that is was done by an entire high school. Just a bunch of teenagers and an 80’s song :)

  • Light_lab

    Many years ago I saw this done in a black and white movie at a movie festival. The protagonist woke up in the morning and discovered everyone was walking backwards. He was perplexed by this and after various observations throughout the city and interactions he could not sort it out so he turned around and walked backwards like every one else. I think it won an award for it’s message of the drive to conform.