Wedding Photographs Turned into a Stop-Motion Video

New Zealand-based wedding photographer Delphine Ducaruge takes photos from her wedding shoots and combines them into creative stop-motion animations. You can find more of them over on her Vimeo page.

Delphine Photography (via Xatakafoto)

  • Guillermo W

    50% Stopmotion 50$ Timelapse?

  • P Neill Photography

    Not a great idea, the non-variable composition used to produce this means the couple for their photos seem to have only one composition of shot for various critical moments.  

  • Stefan Heymanns

    Don’t think of it as “instead of”, but rather as “in addition to” wedding photographs. This is more an alternative wedding video idea, using stills.

    I just shot a wedding timelapse/stop motion video, very similar to this, 2 weeks ago and the couple still had a professional photographer (plus second shooter).  However, they opted out of the videographer.

  • Anonymous

    At least it’s short enough that they’ll watch it more than once.

  • Anonymous

    Nice idea, I don’t think it works though :(

  • David Thunander

    I didn’t like it :/

    Haha i always try to do as little sounds as possible when in the church. Shes just bursting away.Fun idea though.

  • chrisreardon

    Isn’t that Sam Neil, from Jurassic Park, in the church???

  • Annieh0130

    totally looks like him, good catch!

  • Delphine

    Ahah! I have been getting heaps of visits from this site and thought I’d come and check it out :)
    Yes, it is Sam Neil indeed :)The Stop Motion is an addition to the traditional photography. It’s just another quick fun way to capture the day. Some love it, some don’t. To each their own!

    Thanks guys for watching it. 
    Cheers from New Zealand,

    Delphine (the Stop Motion photographer)

  • Christian Rudman

    Great little idea Delphine! Crazy that Sam Neil was at the wedding too. :P

    I think that this is way better than a videographer anyhow, and in combination with the traditional shooter+1 is a great way to capture this day all around for the couple!


  • Richard

    What’s the song?   Who’s singing it?

  • 123

    It’s Ingrid Michaelson! Everybody :D

  • Ainhoa Mailing

    Love it. I would have done this in my wedding if I had have the chance :)

  • Rhysjmachell

    I do believe that is liberally taken inspiration from this….