Wedding Idea: Chalkboard Messages in Polaroid Pictures

Instead of using a traditional guestbook at their wedding, Jess and Sloane asked wedding guests to pose for Polaroid pictures while holding messages written on a small chalkboard. Awesome idea.

Image credits: Photograph by Souder Photography and used with permission

  • Benjamim Daniel

    I’ve made that last month, on a wedding, asking the guests to hold a dry wipe board with their messages. But was taken with a DSLR, not a polaroid.

  • lloyd -

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  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for the suggestion lloyd :) will definitely consider

  • Derrve

    I’ve just done something similar. At a wedding we got all the guest to do the same with a chalkboard then made a chalkboard book out of it and sent it to the married couple afterwards. They loved it, and also claimed they wished their real wedding pics had been like that. A compliment and a hlaf if you ask me.

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  • Cj

    I do custom chalkboards for weddings and other events: