Casio Tryx Awarded World Record for “Most Adjustable Digital Camera”

Setting a new Guinness World Record might be a difficult task for us humans, but is apparently much easier if you’re a camera. A bizarre story that emerged this past week was that Casio’s swivel-crazy Tryx has been awarded a Guiness World Record for being the “Most Adjustable Digital Camera“. The description of the world record reads like something out of a press release:

Instead of a traditional block camera body, the 3-in touch screen LCD on the Casio Tryx digital camera is swivel-mounted inside a frame, upon which the lens and flash is affixed. The screen pops out of the frame and can be swivelled 360 degrees around and through the frame in landscape mode, and swivelled simultaneously 360 degrees on its frame-attached stem in portrait mode, creating an almost limitless number of shooting positions and angle combinations. [#]

Take notice, camera makers: if you want to land a ad world record in the Guinness Book, simply make a camera that swivels in a bazillion directions!

Most adjustable digital camera (via Cameratown)

  • Will Ablett

    You know what you can do to achieve the same effect with a normal camera? Move your hand around.

  • @hc5duke

    I had an Optio X about 5 years ago that had a swivel joint between the lens and the lcd screen. I found it really useful, and might even still be using it, had I not lost it on a plane. :(

  • Brian Williams

    Talk about over engineering a problem that doesn’t exist. 

  • Janez


  • Anonymous

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  • Eloy Bernal

    tryx, my love, most innovative desing, love it!!!

  • David

    what are you guys talking about?  move your hand around to achieve the same effect? a problem that doesn’t exist? have you guys never heard of recording with the camera NOT in your hand?

    this is something very commonly done, as often people like to be IN their recordings, DUH!
    Therefore, this camera is very very useful!

  • Dleebs77

    nope! didnt take much engineering, and tons of people like to set the camera and record, as to actually BE in the recording…and you don’t always have a table/desk the right height to get the angle you want….this is a great camera…

  • Dasd

    what if you want to be in the recording? not right next to the camera? get it now?