Make a Padded Insert to Turn Any Bag into a Camera Bag

Some photographers prefer using ordinary bags with padded inserts to carry their camera gear, both for aesthetic reason and to prevent theft. Instead of buying an insert, you can also make a custom one with some foam, fabric, and velcro. Abi over at vanilla & lace made one to turn her purse into a camera bag after finding that purse-style camera bags can cost up to $300. She also wrote up a helpful tutorial on how you can do the same.

DIY camera purse/bag [vanilla & lace]

  • Jb

    Just buy a 6 pack can cooler, already padded, insulated and looks nothing like a camera bag

  • Dewan Demmer

    I like this idea, not only can it add a certain versatility to any bag you choose it means its does not look like you lugging your camera around with you with…

  • Anonymous

    Crumpler finally made a bag insert with their removable velcro dividers, I’ve been using it with my Timbuktu messenger bag, “business” satchel and hiking pack!

    Best of all it runs around $40 might be a good alternative if you don’t want to make your own.

  • Mickey Oberman

    I use 1/4″+/- thick closed cell foam that campers’ sleeping pads are made of.
    It has a smooth finish, never crumbles, affords some shock protection and insulation value. It can conform very closely to almost any shape. It is very light.
    It is easy to cut with a scissors or Exacto or utility knife blade.
    Contact cement makes a strong join.
    It is useful for numerous projects and one sleeping pad goes a long, long way.

    Mickey Oberman

  • Elle

    Love your idea…should cost me less than 12 dollars : )

  • flightofbooks

    Do not put a padded insert in a leather bag, leather is a breeding ground for things you do not want getting into your camera gear.