How to Make a DIY DSLR Viewfinder

Want a DSLR viewfinder but don’t want to pay big bucks for a professional one? Photojojo has a tutorial on how you can build your own DIY version using a lens from a pair of magnifying reading glasses and some plastic/foam board. It’ll definitely draw some weird looks but hey, it works!

How to Make Your Own DSLR Viewfinder [Photojojo]

  • Dannynoonan82

    i like the way they were able to match canon’s standards for craftsmanship

  • Rick

    my buddy a while back made one of these using a flip up LCD hood to slide the fixture over, and an aftermarket eyepiece. The rest of the stuff is the same but it’s a little bit less ugly and I imagine the eyepiece is plenty more efficient. The hood and eyepiece together cost less than $15

  • Just_the_facts
  • Guillermo Medina

    Agreed … haha

  • Dannynoonan82

    Who said anything about Nikon?

  • Eran Peterson

    Well we all know you aren’t a Leica user because you would have said so immediately…

  • Janez

    I really don’t see a use for this except for video…

  • Rick

    That’s the general idea.

  • Merv Wignall

    I think I’ll pass, thanks all the same.

  • The Lyrical Lens

    If you shoot film you won’t even have to waste your time building one of these. You’d be better off getting an eyepiece for your real viewfinder so you don’t “chop your friend’s head off and focus on a seagull” before you press the shutter.