Warco: An FPS in Which You’re Armed with a Camera Instead of a Gun

Warco — short for War Correspondent — is an upcoming video game in which the player takes on the role of a journalist named Jesse DeMarco. Despite being classified as a first person shooter, the objective is to shoot people with a camera rather than a gun. After venturing into dangerous conflicts and risking your life to snag some footage, you’re given the task of editing the video into a compelling news story. It almost seems like a Pokemon Snap game for adults. If they went a step further and made an online multiplayer mode, that’d certainly be… interesting.

Warco (via Ars Technica)

  • Iamchris

    I loved Pokemon Snap! 

  • Bas ter Beek

    Wow. Never knew anyone would come up with something like this. Hope the gameplay isn’t that repetitive since there’s just one thing to do…!

  • will hall

    unless they’ve got an upgrade system, go from a 80/1.8 to an 80/1.2, or nikon to canon system… ;)

  • Jason Heilig

    This honestly looks kinda cool. Did anyone else notice that network you work for is “PWN?” 

  • Ed Devereaux

    I hope they did not plan on getting a bunch of kids to play this. I do think it is a great tool for those who are interested in the job.