Celebrating Film Photography: “Camera Style” Websites Worldwide

tokyo camera style by John Sypal (see our interview with him) is a popular website documenting the analog camera culture in Tokyo, Japan by sharing photographs of cameras being used on the streets — it’s like The Sartorialist except for cameras instead of fashion. If you’re a fan of the site and love browsing photos of old school cameras people use, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a number of similar websites for other cities and places around the world.

Here’s a running list of places with similar sites inspired by tokyo camera style:

If you know of any others, leave a comment and we’ll update the list! You can also easily start one for your city by starting a website (perhaps using tumblr) and then photographing cameras you see while walking the streets.

(via tokyo camera style)

  • Sergey Sus

    Love Tokyo camera style and a film shooter myself. Wish someone would start one in Los Angeles!

  • Ridzki Noviansyah

    Why there’s one from Jakarta and one from Indonesia eluded me…

  • Anonymous

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  • John

    Nice write-up.  I’m happy that TCS has inspired others to celebrate analog photography.  
    The more ________ camera style sites, the merrier! 

  • Bob

    All of these websites look like digital photos of people holding film cameras. About as interesting as watching paint dry.

  • Anonymous

    Start it yourself..

  • Anonymous

    OK, I started an Amsterdam club:
    Anyone who lives here, get in touch.

  • ziz

    Melbourne Australia now Camera Styling

  • Htx Camera Style

    Houston, TX in the United States is now Camera Styling as well.

  • Htx Camera Style

    Also, just FYI, there is a Paris Camera Style site as well.
    Can’t leave out our fellow Parisian film lovers!!

  • Ruby L.
  • Sealkits