Sony NEX-5N Plagued with Mysterious Clicking Noise

If you’re the proud owner of a Sony NEX-5N but have been pulling out your hair due to strange clicking noises ruining your videos, here’s some good news: it’s not just your camera. Frustrated camera owners have taken to the Internet to complain about the faint clicking noise that can be heard from inside the camera when moving it around, a problem that was found in every NEX-5N that Engadget tested. 1080/60p video recording is one of the highly touted features on the camera, so Sony could be in for quite a PR nightmare if there isn’t a simple fix for this widespread problem. If you’ve been considering the NEX-5N, hold off until this is resolved.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • Ranger 9

    This is going to be very confusing to old-skool photographers:

    “Hey, my camera clicks.”
    “It’s a camera, it’s supposed to click.”

    On a more serious note, if this has anything to do with sensor-shift stabilization — i.e. ‘SteadyShot Inside’ — it’s going to be quelle embarrassing for the Sonistas…

  • erlik

    They don’t have stabilisation. They couldn’t make one small enough.

  • Micahd

    This is ridiculous. People shouldnt be making anything legitimate with on board sound recording. But if prosumers are relying on this problem tell tgem its not as prevalent as the camera noise of 7d or 5 d mk2. On the plus side, I think the fotage looks great though.

  • thoots

    It’s just recording the noise of the orientation sensor, which is louder than the one in the previous NEX-5.  Sure, if you do everything in the world to move that sensor around (as in the video accompanying this article), you can hear all kinds of clicking.  Restrain yourself to more “normal” video usage, and it’s not really much of an issue.

  • Josh Ladella

    Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.

  • Josh Ladella

    Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.

  • Hynee

    Yeah, it’s not a problem unless it affects external microphones too… the 5N has a mic input doesn’t it?

  • Matt Tog Wagg

    Ah well that’s what you get for buying a camera made by a tv company. Shoulda bought a real camera

  • Sasha Iatsenia

    Oh, wait ’till you hear the audio from my Sony DSC-W290 videos… 

  • Low Budget Dave

    My camera clicks too.  The movement does not have to be extreme, all I was doing was turning to follow the movement of my son.  It is disappointing.  I need Sony to “eliminate” the problem, not “reduce” it.

  • Pud700t

    yes … its soooooo annoying on an otherwise brilliant camera. Its an unacceptable fault. I want mine repaired / replaced. I’d be prepared to take the NEX7 as compensation!