Sony NEX-5N Sensor Overheating Test

Last September, Sony issued a notice informing customers that its pellicle mirror cameras would overheat during extended periods of video recording. Rather than maximum clip lengths, the company’s cameras are apparently limited by how long the sensor can endure high temperatures. In the video above, someone tests Sony’s new NEX-5N mirrorless camera for this overheating issue, and finds that you can record about 23m22s of video from a “cold start” before the camera issues a warning and shuts off automatically (the temperature indicator turns on at 12m23s).

You can supposedly record 29 minutes of footage on the camera if the sensor doesn’t overheat, though that’s probably impossible to achieve under normal circumstances — unless you’re shooting at the North Pole or something…

(via Foto Actualidad)

  • Seth Christie

     That video could be compressed to about 10 seconds.

  • Seth Christie

     That video could be compressed to about 10 seconds.

  • Brick Yang

    better than NEX-5 and GF3

  • Anonymous

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  • Gabriel C. Santos

    course will have a variation with this test, the sensor does not have to bookalmost no information. the battery will last much longer for sure.

  • Vern Lam

    i had not heard of the overheating issue prior to this but i did shoot over 26 mins with my NEX-5 and it didnt shut down.  granted it was outdoors when i did it.

    i did notice that the lcd (camera) was pretty warm at the time i stopped shooting.  i have more of an issue with the video being broken at 2gigs so there is a slight gap/delay from where i joined the 2 videos in pp.

  • Ray B.

    The camera takes much longer to overheat if you are recording a static scene.  When I recorded a clock face, the temperature warning came on at about 14 minutes and the camera shut down with an overheating message at 29 minutes.  When I recorded a live concert (in a cool room) with the same NEX-5N camera, it shut down in about 10 minutes.

  • Colemakena

    so, what will happen in a very warm (tropical) location?

  • Marsch

    ISO 3200 = +- 6m