Brilliant Time-Lapse Short Film Featuring Rolls of Adhesive Tape

Johan Rijpma spent six months creating this two and a half minute time-lapse video showing rolls of transparent adhesive tape slowly unwinding. For one of the shots, he spent hours standing in the wind and rain, turning a plate 0.4 degrees every 30 seconds and then snapping a photo. Some of the sequences took as long as 12 hours to develop.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • JanetJ

    that was really stupid and a complete waste of time

  • Denis O’Donovan

    Boring beyond belief………….

  • guest

    I thought it was cool.  I watched it twice.

  • Cprblak


  • Samuel Jerichow

    at first two commentators: you philistines :P

    It’s brilliant indeed. Looks fantastic!

  • Spencer Hopkins

    I think it’s actually quite mesmerizing. The way the time-lapsed tape moved reminded me of microscopic organisms from science films.

  • Ganie

    6 months for 12 hours of hardly noticed fame. what a waste of TAPE!!!!!

  • Guest

    Very cool.

  • Alistair Parker

    I hope you were sponsored by Sellotape (Scotch Tape)……..bit of a sticky ending!

  • Calgary Models

    Not as good as I thought it would be. Interesting nonetheless. 

  • Tibo Alberny

    its more a stop motion clip than a time lapse

  • John Kantor

    The definition of OCD.

  • Angel Oviedo

    Really interesting…

  • Michael

    i lasted a minute before i lost the will to live.

  • Flgraphics

    mildly entertaining for the first minute maybe

  • Flgraphics

    mildly entertaining for the first minute maybe

  • JM

    Was expecting some level of precision or synchronous movement.  Really lacks the wow factor and I quickly became disengaged with the piece.

  • Slkjlj

    he probably learned lots doing it, maybe the next one will be entertaining..