Fujifilm X10 Announced: A Retro X100-style Compact for Serious Photogs

After countless (and perhaps intentional?) leaks, the not-so-secret Fujifilm FinePix X10 has finally become official. Like the X100, the X10 boasts a sleek retro design and a 12-megapixel sensor — though the X10 uses a much smaller 2/3-inch sensor rather than APS-C. Instead of a fixed 35mm equivalent lens, the X10 packs a versatile 28-112mm equivalent f/2-2.8 manual lens. Other features include RAW capture, an optical viewfinder, a 2.8-inch LCD screen, a pop-up flash, ISO that goes up to 12800, 1080p HD video, a blazing 10fps burst mode (7fps on max res), and a hot shoe.

Here are some other views of the terrific design:

The price wasn’t officially announced today, but is expected to be $600 when it’s revealed in a few weeks. The camera itself will hit store shelves in November 2011.

Update: Adorama is currently selling the camera for $700. Seems like the price rumors were $100 short. [Thanks Josh!]

  • Henning Nilsen

    One step forward, two steps back Fuji.

  • Matt

    Two steps back??

  • Sagar Heerani

    I really don’t understand what was the use for announcing such a camera in this X series. People liked X100 for its sensor and image quality. But with X10 i don’t understand what segment of photographer they are targeting, people will prefer Canon G12. Instead of it they should have improved the flaws of X100. Anyway people still love X100 with all it flaws and i too love it, although i don’t own one. It really doesn’t make any sense atleast for me.

  • freeboprich

    The main one being the tiny sensor (and what good is ISO 12800 going to be on a compact camera sensor??) – the other being a pointless pop up flash.  It’s beautiful and  I would happily save up for it, but it’s no more useful than the Canon S95 and the like which are still going to be far cheaper.

  • Xavierdjx

    Why would people prefer canon G12 ? Cmos sensor and f:2/2,8 lens in a pocket sized cam ! I love it without aps-c sensor… It should be my choice if I had money ^^

  • Jorge Ledesma

    I agree, 2/3 sensor bigger than all the high end compacts, great fast lens, and a great price. I think folks get to hung up on the aps-c sensor, if you want one, get a dslr or an x100 and that’s it.

    I like it and will probably add to my  collection, I especially like the 2.8 aperture at the high end of the zoom. Consider the P7000/ and new P7100/G12, this is exactly the market their going for.

  • JR

    So the only major “upgrades” I see over the s95 are the FPS rate (which is pretty amazing for RAW), a great aperture at the long end (2.8), a rangefinder, and a hotshoe. 

    And for those you give up pocket-ability & sensor size? Yikes, Fuji… it’s a beautiful camera, but not for me. 

  • Sagar Heerani

    but what with that tiny censor…ccd cmos doesn’t matter that much as sensor size matters in fact ccd has got higher dynamic range than cmos though cmos has got its own benefits and i am not concerned about sensor type i am concerned about sensor size. G12 too has got 2.8 aperture with better zoom range. But main point for any serious photographer is image quality. And X10 is no different than G12. Soon canon is about to announce G13 which might be much better thn this X10. I know this thing will sale like anything but I bet person who were thinking for X100 will not go for this thing (if his/her main concern is image quality).

  • Pundak

    Xavierdjx..too don’t hav any’ve broke.haha

  • Henning Nilsen

     It’s an optical viewfinder, not a rangefinder.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice! Reminds me of the Leica CL.

    A camera like this X10 will appeal especially to people that started shooting pre-digital, and hopefully a whole host of others. If you take pictures for a living, as I do, tech specs are not always the most important aspect.

  • Matt

    Well, I agree I would love a larger sensor, the bigger the better (but you can only go so large in a compact).  But, my old F10 was fantastic in regards to noise and low light performance for its generation.  My Mom still uses it and it is still a great little camera, and I would still use my F30 if my sister hadn’t lost it.  So, I’m hoping this X10 may have some tricks up its sleve.  The pop up flash, it fits with the design and may not be too bad as far a point and shoots go.  I kind of like it.

  • Kay Hartkamp

    I am seriously thinking of buying one. I hate my Nikon for streetshooting and i never bring it to social events for the obvious rigged out shooter look. If it fits a jacket pocket, im sold. Fast glass, so you can keep a low ISO, sleek design and RAW capabilities. Might be worth to pony up from a S95

  • JR

    What would make you move up from an s95? Everything you listed is already in the s95. 

  • JR

    What would make you move up from an s95? Everything you listed is already in the s95. 

  • JR

    Excellent point – I think in my enthusiasm, my mind *wanted* to read “rangefinder” so much that I missed the actual spec. 

  • Brian Kane

    what’s gonna be better the p7100 or this?

  • Josh Ladella

    Hey Michael, just to let you know, its available for purchase for $700

  • Josh Ladella

    Hey Michael, just to let you know, its available for purchase for $700

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Josh. Post updated :)

  • Mr.New

    The x10 will rival more expensive “serious compacts” like Olympus XZ-1 and Leica D-Lux 5 (and, maybe the Sigma DP1,2 series (but can’t compete against Foveon, IMO). But with a viewfinder, slightly larger sensor, and its good looks, it is arguably ahead of its competition—at least, in terms of desirability. 

    If the image quality is great, it will tempt those who already have DSLRs and are looking for something smaller (not as a replacement), and those in the market to purchase m43 and aps-c compacts. We’ll have to just wait and see how well it sells, but I think the X10 puts itself in a brilliant position.

  • Jason

    And a larger sensor than the S95, LX5, etc…I am not aware of another compact on the market right now with the 2/3 sized sensor. Yes, it’s smaller than the ASP-C and M4/3, but about 20% larger than the G12, LX5, S95, etc. Simply put this camera is aimed at those wanting a high end P&S with manual control, a decent lens and better than average compact IQ. If this isn’t on your wish list, there are dozens of ASP-C cameras out there to choose from. Way to go Fuji!

  • Stefaan Ellebaut

    As far as the specs go, this looks like a worthy replacement of my LX5. As some above already mentioned, it looks great for a photographer who wants a more compact camera to go alongside the (D)SLR and is not created for the prupose of replacing one. I almost never leave home without my LX5 as my 7D and L glass is overkill a lot of the times I just go away with friends or my daughter. The X100 was, for me that is, to expensive considering the fixed lens wouldn’t give me enough flexibility as allrounder. This answers to about all requirements I have for a compact sidekick and even exceeds it by its looks!

  • Flgraphics

    $700 is too much, come on Fuji

  • JR

    Excellent point – the sensor does make a significant difference. Early reports had the same (or smaller) sensor than the g12/s95/etc… thrilled to read it is in-fact larger. 

    Not sure about the manual zoom though; it does eliminate one-hand operation. But the more I read about this, the more I’m liking it. 

  • Don Peterson

    This camera is an elegant jewel. Fuji may well become to digital imaging what Apple is to computer and smartphone design. This is a camera that i would buy as much for its craftmanship and design as its performance. I want my Fuji X10 !!!

  • Jeremy Washington

    This is late but, If you think about investing in lenses, the X10 allows you to have a versatile camera, without having to invest into fujifilm lenses. Thats why Im getting it anyways