Light Painting Art Done Using Swarms of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

This light painting photograph was created by a group of students over in Germany using a swarm of seven Roomba automated vacuum cleaners. Each one had a different colored LED light attached to the top, making the resulting photo look like some kind of robotic Jackson Pollock painting. There’s actually an entire Flickr group dedicated to using Roombas for light painting — check it out of you have one of these robot minions serving you in your home.

Check out more photos in the Roomba Art group pool.

Roomba Art (via ALTFoto)

Image credits: IBR Roomba Swarm in the Dark IV by IBRoomba, Roomba Long Exposure by bartlec, IBR Roomba Swarm in the Dark I by IBRoomba, roomba by zim2411, IBR Roomba Swarm in the Dark VI by IBRoomba

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  • Leonidas

    That is too koo.
    great job to the Artist 

  • chris costello

    excellent pics…

  • chris costello

    excellent pics…

  • chris costello

    excellent pics…

  • Jeff

    Fantastic. Surprised we haven’t seen this yet although I’m sure someone has thought of it.

  • MoonlitDay

    Missed a spot…

  • Dietrich Von Bacon

     Art students: Fun while in college but make great bartenders after.


    Never thought our LEDs and our Roomba could be a team! w-w-w.y-a-m-p-e.c-o-m