Camera Companies Among Top 100 Most Reputable, Nikon Misses the Cut

Forbes released its list of 100 most reputable companies in the world earlier this month, and a number of camera makers made the cut. Sony placed 6th, Canon 8th, Panasonic 13th, Kodak 41st, Samsung 43rd, and Fujifilm 47th. The Reputation Institute conducted the study with 48,000 consumers:

Each company earned a “Global RepTrak Pulse” score of zero to 100, representing an average measure of people’s feelings for it. The scores were statistically derived from calculations of four emotional indicators: trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling.

The Institute also analyzed what it calls the seven dimensions of corporate reputation. It found that perceptions of the enterprise (workplace, governance and citizenship) trumped product perceptions (products and services plus innovation) and performance (financial performance and leadership) in driving reputation. [#]

What we found strange is that Kodak — a company struggling to find its place in the photo industry — placed relatively high on the list (41st), while Nikon — a dominant player — failed to even make the cut. What’s with that?

The World’s Most Reputable Companies (via PhotoWeeklyOnline)

Image credit: brand loyalist – moi? by only alice

  • Jk

    With all the lenses and shooting conditions I find it amusing how some people have the time to actually form a conclusion like this.

    Honestly, I shoot a lot and even at times a picture will just come to life… It isn’t no Zeiss, but I am sure the “experts” would be fooled.

    sigh… why do I even visit these places?

  • winc06

    This just confirms my long held suspicion that people who make their living advising other people about stocks and money are the stupidest people in the world. They are never right about anything and frequently will tell you it is a sunny day when it is snowing outside.  Next in line are the people who take them seriously. I don’t know why I stopped here either.

  • Simon

    Nikon service is patient and great.  Their products are superior to most and they are learning to market like the giants.  The data set for this “research” is just proof that, as the book title proves, “lying with statistics” is anyone’s game these days.

    Forbes skewed report should never have made it into publication.

  • Marcin Kowalski

    Who knows, maybe Nikon did not will to sponsor “The Institute”?

  • James Donahue

    I have owned several Nikon Products from P&S Cameras, DSLR’s and a nice covey of Lenses Flashes and Accessories and whenever I had a Problem (very few) or question, Nikon Support was on the ball with the right answer. The only problem I see with Nikon is that there products are in such great demand that they cannot supply them fast enough, but I’m sold on what they make and how they support there products and customers.

  • Zoetmb

    Very few photographers make over $100K?   Maybe the amateurs who work out of their homes who are pretending to be pros don’t, but if you’re a pro who has an office and a few people working for them, you’d better be making far in excess of $100K in order to survive.
    Even if you are working out of your home, $100K today in a major city is absolutely nothing.   That’s no more than $70K (at most) after taxes and rent (or mortgage /maintenance) in New York City would cost you $20K if you live in the boroughs and $36K (or more) if you live in Manhattan.   Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago or San Francisco isn’t much better.     That doesn’t leave very much for everything else.

  • Zoetmb

    Since when is mass acceptance or “enjoyment” a criteria for quality?    WalMart is the biggest private  employer in the U.S. and McDonald’s is probably the most successful food chain and they’re both crap.   Lady Gaga is currently the biggest selling artist.   Does that represent quality to you?   

    Fewer people “enjoy” either Canon’s or Nikon’s 600mm lens as compared with their 50mm lenses.   Does that make the 600mm an inferior lens?In fact, with few exceptions (there are a few cases where commerce and art intersect), if the mass market loves something, I avoid it.And I don’t know what press pens you’re looking at, but the days of all white lenses at events are long gone.   

    The only thing you have right is that Canon does have a larger market share for DSLRs than Nikon.   Nikon’s share of DSLR bodies is around 30% and Canon’s is around 45%.  A few years back, they both split 40%.   But I expect Nikon to catch up a bit once they release their next around of semi-pro and pro DSLRs (not that I care about market share). The only reason I’d like to see Nikon sell more is so they can fund further development.   And I also want to see Canon healthy because competition is a good thing and without Canon out there, Nikon would get lazy.  

  • Andrew

    Sony is an awesome company.  Their products are consistently reliable.

    I have bought 6 Sony TV’s since 2000.  Four of them are 42 to 60 inch screen TVs.  Perfect quality! All are still working.  Amazing picture quality.  I also bought a number of Sony Computers and Sony Monitors – still working perfectly after 3 to 4 years.  Most of the equipment I buy are Sony because of the reliability – head phones, mics, Playstation 3, and more.  All have works perfectly for years.  My choice of cameras is Nikon of-course!  I own two Nikon cameras and I have found their quality to also be exceptional.

    The CD rootkit fiasco was caused by a faulty designed software that was created by a company in Scotland, Great Britain.  The division of Sony that bought the product was their Music division.  Viruses in Windows has caused more harm than anything you could ever have imagined with the rootkit.

  • Andrew

    The Playstation hacking incident was a criminal activity against Sony and its customers.  No company can prevent an incident like that, especially if the job was done by an unethical employee.

  • Chris Morgan

    The reputation of some local Nikon branches (I can only speak of nikon switzerland) may degrade the whole of Nikon’s reputation. I had terrible problems with the tilt shift 90° rotation of a n 85mm PC-E the first one I got (new) came back unmodified after 7 weeks (the part was not available with a big scratch on the mechanism. I refused the lens and got an other one from an other pro dealer in switzerland and when I finally got it back it had the scratch in the mechanism of the first one. Nikon Switzerland had repaired the first one with the part of my second one. It was very lucky I took all the pictures. I had never expected this from a company like Nikon

  • Hasselblad

    Excuse me, Nikon is a JOKE if you are using it and you take in over $100,000 from the Nikons.  If you are that good, you better be own some medium or large formats.

  • Pedro in Oz

    Don’t agree. I’m a full time freelance pro and shoot on 3 Nikon pro bodies and and 5D Mkii with all the lenses. All cameras have pros and cons and I can tell you the wage earning media pros drool over my kit while they are lugging around out of date canons. Nothing wrong with being in the media but I guarantee you good wedding event and stock photographers are way above your idea of income potential… either you have it or you don’t.

    I’ll let you in on the secret – its about people, not gear.

  • Jerrybig

    Never had any problems with Nikon or Nikon service, great support. Don’t talk about Canon in that respect, one big disaster. Cannot believe this to be true, there must be some kind of sponsoring behind it.

  • Evp

    Moronic troll alert…

    You posted what is probably the most uneducated statement in the sewer of stupidity. I’ve never seen a digital large format camera at a wedding, sporting event, fashion shoot, or anywhere else for that matter. With the exception of a few niche interests, large formats are not part of the kit any more.

    Medium format’s place, now more than ever, is in media print work. You won’t find more than a few wedding photogs shooting digital medium format gear because the return on investment is no longer there in that market. Plus the gear is too large and heavy to lug around for a 4-8 hour event.

    With the right DSLR gear and some talent, you can take a DSLR with good glass and produce wedding, sport, fine art, landscape, documentary images that no one would be able to correctly determine whether they are medium format or not. Plus, the bottom line is NO ONE CARES as long as the final image meets their expectations.

    If you like Canon, shoot Canon. If you like Nikon, shoot Nikon. If you believe Nikon cameras suck compared to Canon, then you are clearly a moronic troll who has never spent any time behind both (or probably either). They both offer various strengths over the other. I’ve been a Nikon shooter for almost 30 years. Their gear hardly “sucks” and is inferior to nothing – yes, even Leica or Zeiss. Only different.

  • Art_man

    The best comment I’ve read in years!

  • Jeff

    Sony stored customer’s user names and passwords in a plain text file.

  • Jeff

    “Gravity” is not a bug. Stop dropping your cameras!

  • Jeff

    I am convinced that you know jack-all about cameras or photography.

  • Jeff

    “Nikon users have to be a pretty stubborn bunch to keep purchasing products within a system that less people enjoy.”

    That’s why Nikon’s sales are better than Canon’s? That’s why Canon is losing market share to Olympus/Panasonic/Sony and Nikon isn’t? Your ignorance couldn’t be more palpable.

  • Jeff

    Nikon has been doing quite a bit better than Canon lately.

  • Jeff

    Nikon has been doing quite a bit better than Canon lately.

  • X Jia

    So what? The ones that made it on the list are better known for other things among consumers – they just happen to make cameras as well.

  • Nowayjose

    I’ve been using Nikon slr for 20 years an have not a single bit of complain.

  • Kenny MacIntosh

    Am I gonna stop using Nikon’s er no.  Anyone remember the photo of Don McCullin’s shot camera.  Being a travel and landscape photographer my nikon’s have been treated to all sorts of unsavoury environments (including falling over in a river) and not once have they let me down.  Nikon all the way.  Thanks but no thanks Forbes.

  • ShatteredDreams

    Another attempt to perpetuate the foolish zeiss (leica) unicorn myth. None of you idiots would be able to tell if a picture was taken by a zeiss from a samyung if your life depends on it. Try pixel peeping at 200%, you’d still be fooled. That’s why I sold every last one of my Zeiss glass to the other numbskulls at a healthy profit and traded for nikkors and still have money for a trip to the Bahamas. Zeiss magic flush down the toilet.

  • John

    “Nikkor glass is good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but we all know it’s not Zeiss or Canon quality.”

    You’re an idiot.

  • Niko

    Nikon is a camera company only. They are strong in the photo business but small in the worlwide global industry. Canon, Panasonic and Sony are doing much more kind of stuff that people know (TV, games, printer, camcorder, copier…)
    Fuji and Kodak are still in people mind only because of their heritage of film. They will soon desappear from such kind of list.

  • John

    I’ve been using Nikon for years and like them.  I’ve spoken to Nikon users in the consumer market using lenses with plastic mounts.  Several of them have had the lens mount break in normal shooting conditions.  Not dropped or bumped into anything.   In every case, Nikon refused to honor the warranty by accusing the comsumer of dropping or banging the lens around.  I was not happy to hear that.  I use all metal mount pro lenses and they are built like tanks.  Still Nikon’s reputation has suffered from blaming customers for weak lens mounts.

  • DCP

    The Reputation Institute (, the authors of the study, did not consider Nikon large or diverse enough to include in their survey.

  • sarvesh

    nikon camera is the best