Disposable Camera Captures Its Own Trip Across the United States

Five years ago, web designer Matthew McVickar decided to give one lucky disposable camera a free vacation, sending it through the mail from Cape Cod, Massachusetts to Honolulu, Hawaii with the instructions “Take a photo before you pass it on!”. When he got the camera back, there were seven photographs taken by various workers in the United States Postal Service that show the cameras journey (and the inner workings of the USPS!).

He also tried sending three more cameras on vacations to Washington, Japan, and Massachusetts from Hawaii, but none of them were returned. Check out the Cameramail project in this Flickr set.

Cameramail (via Lomography)

Image credits: Photographs by Matthew McVickar

  • Daniel Fisher

    Great idea.

  • Matthew McVickar

    Hey, that’s mine! Thank you for the feature, I really appreciate it!

  • Ali

    Great post, I’m surprised they let you send the package like that.

  • Me


  • Coupons

    Awesome idea! Shame the others didn’t come back though

  • Mark Wheadon

    What a neat idea!

  • dee

    I love the photos.

  • Anonymous

    It’s nice that, in the days of such high security restrictions and red-tape, that good folk of the postal service can still spot something creative and fun when it passes through their midst – bravo!

  • Anonymous

    What a great system hack. Well done!