Woman Admits Tattoo of 152 Facebook Friends’ Photos is a Hoax

About a week ago, a Dutch woman uploaded a video to YouTube that appeared to show her getting a sleeve tattoo showing the Facebook profile photographs of 152 of her friends. The video spread like wildfire, and news outlets ranging from CNN to Forbes published the story. Now, she’s admitting that it was actually a publicity stunt intended to get the tattoo shop some free publicity, and that the tattoo was actually a temporary one that washes off in a couple days.

Of the thousands of people who have rated the YouTube video, about two-thirds of the responses are “dislikes”. Now you know: no matter how much you like a particular photograph, don’t have it permanently inked into your skin!

(via Technolog)

  • Bergur

    As someone would say ever so elegantly: “Successful troll is successful”

  • Suzy Q

    Hopefully her friendships last longer than her tattoos.

  • Cesar Garcia

    Where’s the person at the past post (or at the YouTube video? can’t remember) who claimed (s)he saw it in person?

  • Marc van der Veen

    Well, since it disappears after a few days it could be seen of course. So (s)he would have been fooled :)

  • Michael

    Wonder if she got permission to use all those pictures?  ;-)

  • Osiris

    One look at the arm and you can see it is a fake immediately . . . just by pure logic and the actual images on the arm . . . sherlocks!

  • Darryl B

    Pure genius…  companies pay big money to reach out to the 1.5Mil that the video reached out to in 10 days.  Thumbs up to the tattoo shop Pretty Social and the tattoo artist Tattoo Dex! 

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  • Scott M.

    I don’t believe there is a tattoo artist capable of making images that small and well done. I have never seen that quality before. Maybe 3 times larger.