Guy Has Nikon Lenses Smashed by His Angry Girlfriend After Fight

An unfortunate photo-lover in Hong Kong recently got into a fight with his girlfriend, who proceeded to smash his beautiful collection of Nikon lenses. Among the casualties were a Nikkor 28-70 f2.8D, Tokina 28-70 F2.6-2.8, Nikkor 80-200 f2.8D, Nikkor 17-35 F2.8D, and a Nikon TC-20E teleconverter.

Apparently the girlfriend knows a thing or two about destroying lenses — not satisfied with marring the lenses cosmetically, she shattered the front and rear lens elements as well!

He posted some other photographs of his destroyed gear to this DCHome forum thread (it’s in Chinese).

(via DigitalRev)

  • Caroline

    If you’re shooting this level gear, then you ought to have it insured.  This is an inconvenience for him, and a trip to the pokey for her. I don’t feel sorry for either of them.

  • NeedMoreUVfilters

    The girl was unable to force the guy into a particular behavior?  The girl didn’t like that the guy spent more time with the lenses than dreaming about eternal bliss with her?

  • MecosInMyEyes

    I wonder if they got back together? lol

  • NeedMoreUVfilters

    He didn’t commit a crime, but she did.  He should go to the police.

  • Chris M

    She must have been a Canon lover

  • PRW_Photo

    1)  Maybe she was a Canon fangirl, and that was the only way to make sure her lenses were sharper…

    2)  Maybe she saw the receipts for the lenses, and realizes he spent more for his lenses than he did on her…

  • Shagam

    Canon fangirl.

  • tom.gage

    she would have to have them removed at the ER if they were my lenses…

  • Oreolee

    AHHH, what did those lenses do to deserve this?

  • HappyTinfoil Cat

    Bodies heal, lenses don’t! A few bruises, scratches, broken bones… fine, destroying lenses is pure, unadulterated evil. I’d say the guy still got off cheap if you compare the cost of a divorce though.  Maybe he should be happy.

  • Newgrounds

    Did you people even check the profile of this person before you counterattacked? He’s a dude!

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  • Brad Trent

    I know it’s probably wrong, but this has got me laughing like a retard!

  • Tina Kleuker

    Look the person who calls the kettle black. Lord. And how the hell do you know what happened? Maybe HE laid a hand on her? Oh, yeah, right you don’t what went down. But you gotta call her a psycho bitch. With this type of knuckle-dragging thinking, no wonder women smash things. Geez.

  • Ilker

    It hurts me to look at the photos…

  • Jenny

    I didn’t know that was even possible for men to date women with brains. I always thought it was the young, pretty and large bra sized women.

    BTW, men are just as bad at destroying things as women are. My ex-bf barely got an external drive off the desk before I slammed his damn ass against the wall to save that drive. You mess with my computer, your butt is in the hospital and then in jail.

  • pourio

    my mama always told me chinese girls were crazy. but then again…

  • Photod200

    Thats why you have camera insurance…

  • Victor Eleuterio

    Nothing like a crazy and angry woman. #scared

  • Anonymous

    seeing these comments i’m wondering what we’d be reading if the photographer had been a woman who had a fight with her boyfriend. from the looks of it i’m guessing we’d still see violence against the woman in the comments, that she somehow deserved it, etc.

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  • Flippin Eck

    Oh I don’t know. Bruises, scratches, broken bones – they CAN leave behind a lifetime of trust issues and psychological harm in the person on whom the injuries are inflicted whether you’re male or female. Insured stuff is just that – insured stuff. Not excusing or judging what happened as we don’t have all the facts, but I’d rate physical and emotional abuse higher than damage to property.

  • Suzanne

    Yep, at the very least-that’s my guess.  It’s an awful lot of anger directed toward photo gear to be unrelated.  (Not that it excuses her behavior…)

  • Mike Kim

    This is a whole lot better than what happened to John Wayne Bobbitt.

  • Traveller

    May be Canon present him a 5d Mark II + 24-105mm + 50mm :))

  • Elsa

    Clever guy to get girlfriend to smash lenses for insurance upgrade….. all those lenses have new upgrades…….

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  • RandomVoice

    Anyone notice the apparent baby bottle in the second pic? I doubt she was ‘just’ his girlfriend…

  • Pcekper

    I am amazed of the level of diligenge in the smashing, front and back elements(that are hard to reach, also the focus metering dials. It was not an act of rage for sure for me, where you will assume that they were smashed into the ground, she took her time and worked on it, which is scary.

  • Gioathan

    Do they still have the death penalty in Hong-Kong?

  • KaiKaiKai

    such a tragedy.

  • Chris

    Hi must have looked at her in a funny way.That’s all it needs.

  • Shailendra

    She’s mirror cracking material for sure.

  • David

    What lens did you use to take these picture?

  • TheDSLRPhotographer

    My EXIF plugin tells me the first shot was taken with Canon EOS 40D and 65mm lens. Lol!

  • TheDSLRPhotographer

    My EXIF plugin tells me the first shot was taken with Canon EOS 40D and 65mm lens. Lol!

  • Chio

    65mm + Canon EOS 40D.

  • jacquas

    look it this way, if the lensen are still working, he may takes exceptional artistic
    photo,s with those lenses otrhers can,t

  • L lover

    what an immature thing to do

  • lol

    shes crazy, he probably cheated, because, she is crazy…and then she went crazy on his lenses!

    and so wat if he laided a hand on her, most photographers ive seen/met/know, are skinny wimpy guys, who took up photography thinking it will help them get laid (hehe) so it couldnt have hurt

  • Jim Tebbutt

    Unless he had smashed up several of HER lenses, it doesn’t matter what he did. You don’t destroy someones property because you’re angry!

  • Jim Tebbutt

    “No wonder women smash things” really?!?! Way to make your own sex sound like assholes.

  • Pete

    never hit a women, never hit a women…to late!

  • Perth Wedding Photographer

    She knows what hurts him the most!!!!..stake thru the heart!!

  • JAC

    It’s possible she found a collection of naked photos of women he took with the lenses?  Maybe better to smash the lenses or to cut his dick off? lmao

  • Matt

    When you see a f:/ 2.8 lens, its not cheap at all. Unless its a standard 50mm

  • Jonathan Martinez

    doesnt matter if he deserved that or not she should of been the better person and left it at that… now she made it very personal….

  • Gary D. Olson

    Maybe he used the lenses to photograph her and she went berserk after seeing how she actually looked? I don’t know…
    What ever the case, the photos of those lenses are painful to behold, even from a Canon shooter like me. Nikon makes fabulous photo gear too.

  • Darryl B


  • Sam Wallace

    That’s just harsh and unnecessary. Regardless of the situation, not every woman goes to this extreme for nothing.