Stay Cool with this Canon Lens Fan

The lens mug craze seems to be cooling down, but now there’s another product on the market that can help you stay cool (literally): the Canon lens cooling fan. They’re powered by two AAA batteries and somewhat resemble the same Canon 70-200mm lens that the original mugs were based on. You can buy one for $5.60 with free shipping from DealExtreme.

Unique SLR Zoom Lens Shaped Handheld Cooling Fan (via Crave)

  • Traveller

    If it is flash light, more people will buy!

  • Chio

    Definitely buying it for the hot days coming, and to cool down my 7D after multiple long videos as it gets quite warm. But mostly for the hot days.

  • Shawn Low

    A must-buy for the Canon fan boy:)