Online Sensor Size Calculators and Comparison Charts

A camera’s sensor size is a very good predictor of how good its image quality is, but understanding and comparing the sensors sizes isn’t very easy. While televisions and computer monitors are usually measured by diagonal length, sensors sizes are listed with its two dimensions in millimeters. Back in 2008, David Pogue of the New York Times wrote an article about this issue, calling for someone to develop an online tool for converting confusing sensor measurements into the diagonal length of the sensor in inches. Within three hours two new websites were born: Sensor-Size and Sensor Size Calculator.

Sensor-Size | Sensor Size Calculator (via Lifehacker)

  • James Smith

    I agree about sensor size being a vital factor, but I would think pixels per inch is also very important.  The size of the elements in the sensor directly affects how many pixels it can sense per mm2 in the sensor.  I know they have interpolation algorithms to increase the pixel count, but none of those can created data that was never really there.