Special Back Transforms Nikon F2 SLR into Instant Camera

See the big box hanging out from under this Nikon F2 film SLR? It’s called the Speed Magny, a special back that transforms the camera into an instant film camera. Instead of loading the camera with film, you take off the back of the camera and attach the 4lb contraption that’s loaded with Polaroid pack film. Light entering the camera is directed onto the instant film below using lenses and mirrors, giving you a neat way to capture instant film photos at the expense of 5 stops of light.

Here are a couple sample photos:

Speed Magny units were manufactured between the early 1960s and the early 1980s. You can still purchase them from KEH for around $225.

(via KEH Blog and Nikon Rumors)

Image credit: Photographs by ★ 0091436 ★

  • Mark Kalan

    I actually used one a few times. However for less money we (and lots of others) paid Marty Forscher to custom mount a Polaroid back to a Nikon F or F2 for us. Not only did you save money but you got two test frames from each sheet and didn’t lose the 2 stops that the Speed Magny did.

  • bob cooley

    ahh – you beat me to the punch – I was going to mention my Forscher back ;) 

  • Leo B

    very kool 
    i want one 

  • bri

    so you’re adding 4lbs and losing 5 stops of light to get results like those posted?

    seems overly complicated and ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Well, a lot of polaroid/fuji film was ISO 3000, so…

  • Wetnewf

    I have two Polaroid backs, unused, for a Nikon F2.  I’ll also be putting up the unused Nikon F2 up on ebay as well shortly.  They came in a tank cannon inspection system. Never used. I ran a roll of 35mm film through the camera about 4 years ago to see if it worked, and all was fine. The whole setup is in a hard sided case and weighs a ton to ship.  I’ll take pictures of the whole thing within a week or so….

  • enero

    Ok, I just saw this post….2 years late, but for what its worth: Those are all my pics you see in this post, and for the record, those sample pictures are soft as hell due to the fact that the Speed Magny that I purchased had a warped door. I took those photos of the camera and Speed Magny for posterity before I returned it to KEH, I had no idea they would be used as product examples. Petapixel really should read photo descriptions before using poor examples to illustrate products theyre boasting about…