Photos Found on Memory Card Offer a Glimpse Inside B&H Photo Video

Photographer Linhbergh recently purchased a used camera from B&H Photo Video and found a Compact Flash card left inside the camera containing photographs taken from inside the store offices. They offer an interesting glimpse into the operations at the largest non-chain photo equipment store in the United States.

The business is owned by Herman Schreiber. Schreiber and many of the store’s employees are observant Satmar Hasidic Jews who close the store on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. The website is open but orders are not taken or shipped between Friday evening and Saturday evening and on Jewish holidays. Surpassed only by the Diamond District in terms of Orthodox employment, the company is a vital part of the community’s financial health, with hundreds of Orthodox Jews on staff. An Orthodox Jewish bus company provides daily service to and from Kiryas Joel, a Satmar village in Orange County, New York. [#]

You can find some more photographs over on Linhbergh’s blog.

Thanks for the tip Clint and Linhbergh!

  • Dave Wolanski

    It takes a store to raise a village. Very cool! Folks living their faith is admirable in this day and age.

  • Jcrimmins

    But B&H has been sued a couple of time for discrimination and they’ve lost both times.

  • Jcrimmins

    I may be wrong with my above posting.

    The second case filed in 2009 may still be pending.

  • henryp

    In fact this is incorrect. 
     — Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video

  • Dolni

    Now I see where all the money I spend goes, swanky offices!!!  

  • Cornelios

    Don`t be so harsh – tone it down to a little bit wrong.

  • Brecklundin

    Henry & Helen both rock…

    I’ve seen them both go above and beyond to help people online.  Henry has helped me solve an issue with a lense I needed swapped before closing for a religious observance for a week, sorry Henry I forget the period…oops??, and we got it done.  So anyone who makes a comment the closings are bad for the consumer just are not trying to help them help you.  B&H gets most of my camera gear business…and next up is a complete 645D system.

    I watched Helen help someone who got sold a stolen Canon 70-200/2.8 IS II and the good people over at POTN gathered together to buy the guy a new lense…Helen helped with the price down to the bone because of the actually situation.  That is also above and beyond. 

    How can anyone make disparaging comments about the companies, the people or their beliefs…to those folks your parents must be so proud. 

  • Helios

    I enjoyed the photos, it’s neat to see into other folks worlds, especially those whom you’ve dealt with in the past, B&H Rocks! I’ve purchased camera/video gear from them since the 70’s, and they are a First Class Operation!

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  • James Burke

    amazing how deep racism goes into some parts of american culture considering the huge diversity involved in most people’s heritage in the US. chances are if you’re an american you’ve got somebody jewish in your lineage. better get used to it.

  • Young Curmudgeon

    “Chances are if you’re an american you’ve got somebody jewish in your lineage” that is absurd.

  • Young Curmudgeon

    It seems to affect employees, e.g. goyim not being paid as much, and women not being permitted to advance. Multiple lawsuits.

  • Young Curmudgeon

    Interesting! They seem to have built a reputation for doing business well, the old-fashioned way. I think I will go to them to get my next dslr.

  • George Babbitt

    Anybody know of a camera shop in New York City that isn’t run by Jews?

  • scottyhippo

    He spelt it wrong

  • scottyhippo

    Yeaa! You didnt apostrophize “whos”!!

    Who the hell do you think you are!