Sony Alpha DSLR Sliced Down the Middle

Camera innards are often shown in cross section diagrams, but here’s a Sony Alpha camera and lens that were actually sliced cleanly down the middle (we’re guessing a lightsaber was involved). The build quality of the lens definitely looks cheaper than the sliced Leica lenses we shared last week (as it should). Brownie points if you can identify both the camera model and the lens.

Image credit: Alpha Cross-section by Global Hermit and used with permission

  • Trudy

     Wow. Very cool.

  • Alythe87

    Stange choice of aperture when shooting that, after going through all that trouble they lose half of it to too much d.o.f! 

  • Alythe87

    or too little d.o.f rather

  • Redfernphoto

     Sony Alpha 100 with 18-70 kit lens?

  • Anonymous

     I’m guessing it’s the Alpha A100 with the kit 18-70mm.

  • Hburger

     Where are the aperture blades? blades?

  • Spider- Man

    Agreed! looks like they took the pic with a camera that was cut in half! Horrible job! 

  • Christopher King

    Yes, a100 with 18-70 kit lens…

  • trailingedge

     gone are the days of use of real prisms :(

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  • YY

    Not true, most midrange and high-end cameras still use pentaprism viewfinders.  Only low-end DSLRs use pentamirrors.

  • Edolnick

    What about Hasselblad lenses? Any cutaway views? 

  • Johnremir

    information on demand.. this is great…