Lens Taken From Vintage Camera Used on Canon 5D, Makes Beautiful Photos

Reddit user Bryce Hoeper recently broke an old Zeiss Ikon Contina L he purchased for $7 from Goodwill after it took a nasty tumble down some stairs. After being bummed for a while, he stumbled upon Timur Civan’s experiment with sticking a 102-year old lens on a modern DSLR, and decided to attempt the same thing. He spent a few hours taking apart the camera body to extract the lens, then super glued it to a Canon body cap that he cut a hole in, allowing the lens to be mounted to his Canon 5D Mark II.

He was then blown away by the images produced with his hacked together lens:

He has a writeup detailing his experiment here, and is also planning to do this with other vintage cameras/lenses.

Zeiss Ikon Contina L to Canon EOS! (via Reddit)

Image credits: Photographs by Bryce James Hoeper and used with permission

  • Maarten in ‘t Groen

     There are some vintage gems out there!

    I’m using a Beroflex 500mm f/8 on my 5D2 and 7D, excellent results for €40 and a €18 adapter with AF confirm! (when there is light enough though)

  • Xpirex

     Call that a beautiful photo?

  • ranger9

     Newsflash! Hipster discovers that Carl Zeiss makes good lenses, writes blog!

  • Shiningnewlight

    Hahaha thanks! 

  • Joshua Murray

     Color me unimpressed by the samples…

  • bri

     that is the most beautiful shot of an empty water bottle I have ever seen!!!


  • Joakim Bidebo

    Old lenses often have a nice softness. Like the sample, not everything need to be tack sharp all the time. :) Something I will have to try someday if I found a cheap old camera…

  • sal

    Shallow DOF!, now its art. Pfft lol

  • Earthmonkeylibra

    Still, it’s a neat idea. 


    The way he made the lens fit makes it cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joshisnot11

    Shallow DOF does make it art.  If there were no DOF, you’d be looking at it with YOUR eyes, Sal.

  • Wallerus

    I imagine this photographer, with a 5D2 setup, was not “blown away” by the crystal geyser. :P

  • HipsterGonnaHIPS

    Ranger9 you win the internet

  • Kalbar

    The only interesting thing about this is the “lens mount” but, I’m afraid nothing new in DYI. The tree branch image unsharpness is strongly shaped, textured, disturbing and seems positively ugly to me. The rest: image softness and low contrast is ambivalent. Image of the bottle show that the guy is rather unaware of what was photographic camera and even this lens made for.

  • George Breithaupt

    I can hardly imagine of what the reaction would be to my EOS mount pinhole and resulting photographs!!!!! lol!!! I think, BTW the Branch shot was absolutely beautiful!!!