Canon EOS-0: All the Bells and Whistles You Never Wanted to See on a DSLR

The Canon EOS-0 is what you get at the Apocalypse when all the major camera, software, and operating system companies get together to unleash unspeakable evil into the world. It’s a camera with a little bit of everything: support for every major lens mount, a drive for various kinds of discs, Windows Vista as the operating system (shudder), Photoshop available on the giant widescreen LCD, etc… Pretty much the only thing you won’t find on this camera is a toaster.

Here’s a closer look at the camera:

Photographer Emin Kuliyev Photoshopped this funky “frankencamera” together back in 2007.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Itai N!

Image credits: Images by Emin Kuliyev and used with permission

  • Jules Mattsson

    Where’s the unsuck button?

  • Dave

    What, no swiveling screen?

  • Rebekkah Owens

    Lose the Vista. For the love of all that is right in this world, please Canon, lost the Vista.

  • Sebastián Soto

    A PS3? Want.

  • Joe Dyndale

    This begs the question: Where’s the kitchen sink?

  • EllenKeller


  • Maarten in ‘t Groen

    Where is the coolingspray for when your feeling hot shooting the swedish girl-football team for the next playboy?

  • Bergur

    Lol. I love the “inspiration” button. “Yes, please, give me some inspiration, camera”.

    On a more serious matter, I’d actually like a real camera to have an .mp3 player.Here are my arguments: Doesn’t take up a lot of space, today’s music players are tiny and the screen is already there. The camera could easily take two memory cards and one of them could be used for music files. It’s just a thought.

    I know what you’re going to say: Get a mp3 player and a camera – that way both of them probably turn out better. And you’re probably right. If an idea like this was to be incorporated into any camera, it would probably be some entry-level camera like the D3000…

  • Chris


  • Hburger

    Hey, no cloud-based storage system?

  • juice

    It’s got Vista because it’s so old that Win7 hadn’t been released when this parody first was.

  • juice

    It’s got Vista because it’s so old that Win7 hadn’t been released when this parody first was.

  • Michael Schmid

    Hmm, old one. Must be before the release of the Nikon D3 as ISO 12800 seemed out of reach there ;)

  • Paul fp

    Seems half canon half Nixon!

  • Photos By Rikki

    I photoshopped this back in 2006 :)

  • Michael Stanclift

    The OS on the LCD is actually Windows XP.

  • Adam Solomon

    It doesn’t have a built in flash?

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  • Trudy

    It’s missing an “Ansel Adams” button. LOL

  • Cjlicari

    I just preordered at Amazon 

  • Sdf

    I think the Umbrella button would come in handy!

  • MG

     It’s missing an Apple.

  • Justin Kerr Sheckler

     No K-mount?! I am outrageously OUTRAGED.

  • kombizz

    I bet Sony will steal this concept! 

  • Skinner Photographs

     I hope one day I can just send the camera off to take pictures while I watch sweet ass television!

  • chris costello


  • Tan wei

    An leica lens on it would had been perfect 

  • Thomas Nielsen

    The Kodak DCS-315 actually had a working game of Pong buried in the menus; quite playable in fact.

  • Salz

     If Premiere and After Effects is installed I’ll buy one!

  • Justin Javellana

     but will it blend?

  • Anonymous

     WOT? No 3D?

  • Tarrum

    Awesome! Can I install Windows 7 on it?

  • Tarrum

    Awesome! Can I install Windows 7 on it?

  • Alessandro Casagli

    looks stupid.

  • UrbanFish Nw

     The only thing cool on there is the NIKON lens lol

  • Ted Soqui

     needs a built-in flash, and phone.

  • Ted Soqui

     needs a built-in flash, and phone.

  • Guillermo E Renteria

     bahahahaha! very creative, where is the port for the expresso?? you must have your java!

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  • Shawn Oneill

      WTF when are we going to get away from my camera is better then yours or the “my Dik is bigger then yours” and really remember what an art form photography is want a MP3 buy a Ipod if you need this you don’t have the “eye” go collect stamps.

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  • Frederick W. Redelius

    My favorite feature as well…………. 

  • Oscar2chat

     Have you all seen this Nikon D23F one? By Oscar Ureña

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  • USSRPhoto

     Need more cowbell

  • Anonymous

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  • Alitow

    Nikkor lens on Canon? No way….

  • Darren Ward79

    shoot me? bang!!

  • Aris Apriyadi