Guy Accidentally Captures Central Park Proposal in Time-lapse Photographs

Videographer Michael Justin Porco walked around Central Park in NYC a few days ago snapping photographs, after starting to shoot photos for a time-lapse of Bethesda Fountain, it began drizzling and he only shot ten frames (one every 5 seconds using an intervalometer). When he reviewed the frames, he was amazed to discover that he had accidentally captured a sequence of photographs showing a man proposing to his girlfriend.

And that’s when I saw it. Directly in the middle of the frame, as if I had planned it: a man proposing to his girlfriend. 50 seconds. 10 pictures. A fleeting moment now relive-able.

I don’t know who this couple is or where they’re from. I don’t know if they’re New Yorkers or here on vacation. Finding them will be near impossible. But in this social world of Facebook and Twitter, I’m hoping we can track them down. This is something they should have.

Earlier this year a roll of film lost in NYC was returned to its owners after the story went viral on the Internet… and the owners lived in Paris! Porco is attempting to do the same thing with these photos, so if you know anyone who got engaged in Central Park on Saturday May 7th at around 12:41 pm, contact him!

An Unexpected Time-Lapse Memory (via Reddit)


    HMMMM. Wedding videographer catches 10 frames of a proposal “accidently” and then sets off a global search for the couple. Completely coincidencidental? Serendipity? Or perhaps brilliant marketing.

  • Phil Lowe

    Well said!

  • Brett

    I’m confused. A guy accidentally shot someone who was proposing to his girlfriend.

    Where is the news part?

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  • Thierry

    Assuming that this is not a fake, how do you know that this couple wants such level of exposure? What if the families are not in agreement with this union? What if an ex gets mad? Wishing them happiness…

  • Richard

    No it wasn’t me, but I was in the park at that time on that day, visiting from London, and I also proposed whilst in New York. Would have been cool if it’d been us though lol

  • João Silva

    not buying it, sorry

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  • Katherine Alvarez

    Why would someone make this up? Believe in love guys, it wont hurt you :)

  • stop hating

    the man proposed in the middle of central park.

  • hopeful romantic

    Yay!  I can totally see this happening!  I work right over there and proposals are common, and so are photographers.   Good luck in finding this people!

  • terry

    my daughter was proposed to on May 7 in Central Park, but their was no one around, this picture has several people walking around the park