Canon vs. Nikon: Comparing the Two Heavyweights Camera Makers

Dutch consumer product website Beste Product (“best product”) decided to set up a royal rumble between the two heavyweights of the camera industry: Canon and Nikon. They created an infographic comparing the two companies in things such as expert and user opinions, popularity, and sales. Even if you’re sick and tired of the endless comparisons and debates (as you should be), the infographic provides some interesting facts about how the two companies are doing.

Their conclusion is that the two companies are virtually tied, but Canon’s massive sales volume tips the scales in its favor (though that really has no effect on camera users).

Canon vs. Nikon Infographic (via photofacts)

  • Robin

    You missed out Sony, Panasonic, Mamiya and Olympus- unless you include them in your ‘various other cameras’. How do they compare with each other or don’t you have time for taking photographs? BTW, I assume you mean ‘pieces’ of work?

  • Robin

    Oh, I wouldn’t put the figure that high Richard, there’s still a long way to go to equal the quality of film and there are still a lot of film cameras being used professionally in studios. Like the Polaroid back was once used on a Hassleblad, Digital backs are only a means of checking lighting etc. before replacing it with a film back. Digital cameras are more common amongst professional sports photographers purely for the convenience and amongst amateurs for the economics as well as the convenience. If film were as versatile as DSLR’s I would continue with it! Let’s face it, why do they still continue with silver prints over ink? Durability, longevity, economy, to name just a few reasons.

  • Robin

    What a poor response!

  • Robin

    Completely uncalled for Alessandro, you only lower your own standards by being so facetious. I suggest you wait until you have aquired some integrity and manners before replying to any more posts.

  • Robin

    Yeh, someone for YOU to play with!

  • Neo

    Are you PMS-ing?

  • Gabbone

    The most stupid, misleading and pointless research ever made. Great job guys – all fired!!

  • pokeken

    So many pathetic comments that down play the significance of their respective sales figures.  Each of the comments above in the end is represented by sales figures on each side…the culmination of each users views on the IQ (and other quality blah blah warm, blah blah qualifying factors etc.) equates to each persons respective purchase and the impact on the sales figures. Therefore ROunds 1 to 4 are pointless subjective numbers and it is the sales figures that tells us how many more people in the world trust in Canon to allow them to take their photos. Therefore Canon wins. Boring and obvious. 

  • Anonymous

    No, it doesn’t work that way.  The infographic’s argument and your argument rest on a fallacy of popular appeal, rendering the respective conclusions suspect.

  • pokeken

    define “popular appeal” and then think it again

  • Anonymous

    Here, sales.

  • pokeken

    define sales…

  • shutter

    Nikon for macro? Are you kidding me? When did Nikon come up with a MPE-65 lens that could shoot at 5X? I do exclusively macro photography and bought into the Canon system specifically because Nikon didn’t have the lenses that could take a commanding photo of a fruit fly’s eye using a handheld…but Canon can. Canon’s 180mm L prime is pretty incredible too. I spent six months looking comparing both company’s ability to take macros and Canon is definitely the way to go if you are hardcore and need the equivalent of a portable bellows system. Nikon puts out great cameras and lenses, but its macro range is limited.

  • Sofia Costales

    The comments are more reliable than the 
    infographic itself.

  • WillieG

    Nikon has always been more expensive than Canon in DSLR’s.  It’s not like they started out at the same price and Canon jumped ahead when their sales figures somehow exceeded Nikon’s.  Many Nikon cameras have features in the same class as Canon but they are never exactly the same.  This would account for the small price difference.  And that difference is enough to get beginners to buy into Canon where they stick because of their investment in lenses.  Being cheaper means a big advantage for Canon.  But it also means more problems like AF issues and shutter failures on high-end DSLR’s.

  • Ami

    I agree. Thanks everyone.

  • Faint Smile

    I have trouble which one to choose on my left Canon and my right Nikon.

  • Asm

    Toyota sells more cars than Mercedes and BMW do. Does that make Toyota cars better?


    I hope other makers take a bite out of the Canon/Nikon market, I’m a Canon user, I think Canon has always been at the top of sport and field photography where as Nikon is more a Landscape photography, I just upgrade to another Canon and frankly the service I received from Canon customer service department left me with a bad taste in my mouth. If it weren’t for the fact that I have some money invested on lenses, I would switch to Nikon.


    Robin I beg to differ on the timex and Rolex, sorry Rolex will and is much better than timex will ever be. Burgers I can’t argue there.

  • miriam

    Seven that is because Canon allow the field reporters and sports personnel to borrow there body and lenses that is why you see them all shooting with Canon, nothing against Canon I shoot with it, but have been very disappointed in the past few month.

  • miriam

    seven I don’t know where you get off saying the 60D is a brick i actually shoot with that and have gotten many compliments on my photo’s, it’s not all about the body, it’s the lenses and the photographer, maybe you should try to being a little kinder with your words, it doesn’t hurt to try.