Time-lapse of a Nikon D300s Getting Bent Pin Replacement Surgery

Ever wonder what happens when you drop your camera off at a repair shop? This time-lapse video shows a Nikon D300s going “under the knife” to have a bent Compact Flash card pin fixed. The camera sensor is removed to get access to the CF pin housing, and the faulty pin is replaced thanks to an “organ donor” (a Canon 40D).

(via Nikon Rumors)


    Seems like he had to remove the cover twice. XD

  • Dan Newton

    I’m the author of the video and this is my GF’s camera. The pin was bent due to inserting a CF card in a hurry. Opposed to popular belief, it is nearly impossible to insert a CF card backwards to the point where the pins are damaged without excessive force. There is, however, a small amount of play in the D300s’s CF slot that allows for the card to be inserted at a very slightly diagonal angle if pressure is applied to the very edge of the card. There are more photos and info about the D300s repair at my blog post here.

  • JD

    Seems like a lot of work to swap pins. I’ve straightened CF and even accidentally bent CPU chip pins, I think I can do it without disassembling an SLR, using one or two tools I would have to custom make for this.

  • Dan Newton

    We take in roughly one bent pin camera a week minimal. We do bend many back, however, there are times where the pins are bent completely flat and they will break if they are bent back. The biggest culprit is the original Canon digital rebel (300D), they are notorious for the play in the CF slot and usually 4-5 pins are bent flat when this happens. It is actually quicker in some cases to replace those pins. The whole repair is usually done in under an hour.