How to Make a Photographer Promo Agencies Can’t Refuse

We’ve featured examples of creative photographer promos before, but this one by Casey Templeton takes the cake. He created it back in 2010 and mailed it to 300 of the top creative agencies around the country. His hard work sure paid off — check out all the responses that he got back at the end!

2010 Commercial Photography Self Promo (via f stoppers)

  • Jeremy Bryner

    That is a fantastically awesome idea…why didn’t I ever think of that. Huh…I might do something similar to that now. There’s no better way than to connect to the people that would see this “package”, that connection just makes it that much more memorable.

  • guest

    Great idea. Now howm many photographers can actually afford to make 300 of those pieces to send out?

  • Pete

    For many of us, our creativity in such things is diminished by lack of budget. If I could afford to do something like this my creativity would soar!!

    Still a nice idea. I would be curious if Casey would tell us how much each one of those promo kits cost him. There was a lot of custom printing going on and that can’t be cheap.

    It is inspiring though, isn’t it! Nice job Mr. Templeton!

  • Casey Templeton

    Absolutely, thanks for asking. For each box, the cost of printing, materials, shipping came out to be around $36/box all included. People often get confused when they read on about it and see the $15K price tag, that was for the entire rebranding, not just this promo. That included new site, new portfolio books, consulting, printing, materials, etc.

  • Jenny

    $36 x 300 = $10,800 for the whole campaign right?
    If for $5000 more you get rebranding/new site/new port/consulting..etc, sounds like a better deal to me :)

    Regardless, thanks for sharing your idea with us Casey!

  • Scott M

    Very cool idea….wonder how this could be applied to the wedding scene.

  • Berneck1

    What’s the name of that song, and who sings it?

  • Berneck1

    Nevermind, I was typing the link incorrectly….

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Way to expensive for any beginner unless you’ve got wealthy family that backs you up but doubt any normal beginner and graduate could afford this kind of promotion.

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