Imagining a Compact Camera Designed by Leica and Apple

The Leica i9 is a concept camera case dreamed up by design firm BLACK Design Associates for the iPhone 4. Unlike the Slow Photography Camera we shared last week, the i9 is actually an independent camera that simply uses the iPhone as a giant touch screen and as a modem for the web.

The Leica i9 Concept offers timeless design, durability and the unmatched brilliance of Leica’s high performance camera system to compliment the unparalleled processing, display and sharing capabilities of Apple’s iPhone4. With upgradeable software, partner plug-ins/apps, and the ability to take advantage of an ever-growing list of new iPhone features, the possibilities are limitless…

The concept is basically to imagine what would happen if Leica and Apple got together to create a modular digital camera, with Leica providing the lens, sensor, and body, and Apple providing the processing power and touch screen interface.

What do you think of the idea?

Leica i9 Concept (via Gizmodo)

  • Trudy

    This is…beautiful. :)

  • Trudy

    This is…beautiful. :)

  • Jeremy Bryner

    I would seriously get one

  • freeboprich

    It’s a really powerful idea – it’s a shame it would have to be proprietary (but then I guess that’s Apple all over for you) plus the Leica part would be essentially useless without the iPhone. Design still needs work too, Leicas wouldn’t ever be so unergonomic.

  • ranger9

    It makes for some nice illustrations, and I like how the Leica part is almost a dead ringer for a IIIf (a beautiful camera, but not exactly ergonomic, contrary to previous post.) But let’s face it, a hookup between Lady Gaga and John McCain is about as likely as a joint venture between these two rugged-individualist companies!

  • Mmcgriff

    This would be awesome if it were to ever happen.

  • Only1kcm

    I will buy this. In fact, I want it now.

  • patrick

    my leica is a camera, my phone is a phone. I want to keep it that way. mashing them together does not make for anything elegant.

  • pop pop

    I think this is pretty gross.

  • Ilker

    I hope Leica never goes with this idea.

  • Party Bus DC

    Here is Similar Story

    The Leica i9 Concept comes with its own lens and CMOS sensor for taking photographs. It even has an internal storage (expandable by an SD card) that is used to store all the pictures it takes – in fact, it doesn’t even need your iPhone to function. But when an iPhone 4 is attached to it, pictures taken with the Leica i9 can be transferred to the phone and then shared online using the phone’s connectivity options and apps. More iPhone features will be available in the future, but at the moment, sharing photos is just about it.

  • michel dudropt

    might even be better with Nokia.

  • nogood

    where is the shutterbutton, hope not on the phone. so happy there are several different manufacturers coming up with different fresh designs, there really is no need for this one

  • Alan Rideout

    OMG. Yes.

  • br


  • Chris

    Leicas are made to be workhorses that operate for decades. iPhones are not. Leica’s haven’t changed their design significantly in decades, iPhones change every year. Neat idea, has problems. Probably better suited for consumer brands/models that people senselessly replace every few years.

  • Calgary Photographer

    I agree. Pretty gross. Good idea, but not overly appealing.

  • Anonymous

    Has the designer ever held a camera? doesn’t look like with that “grip” also an advance spool that has no use is not in either company vocabulary. The idea of having a detachable sensor is a way forward though.

  • Asa Saviskas

    Ansel Adams wouldn’t use an i9 and neither would I

  • E_rec


  • Kengu Cowboy

    eee.. not nice. I mean, are you just fan boys? jeez, i actually got a litle noxious. pretty ugly, why don’t you just get a samsung..? yes, because it don’t say apple, or leica.