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Slow Photography Concept Cam Lets You Use Your Phone Like a Hasselblad


With the recent craze on mimicking retro photography through phone apps, it’s only natural that someone would take it a step further and design a retro way to shoot with the phone as well, right? The Slow Photography camera concept by photographer David McCourt is a medium format-style box that lets you use your phone as a digital back.

To operate, slide the front face open and insert your mobile phone. Turn the lens to select which lens effect you want.
The Slow Photography camera has three lenses; fixed focal length, macro and fisheye. Carefully compose your shot by
looking through the viewfinder and push the shutter release to capture your shot. [#]

Here are some “example shots” taken with the concept camera:

What do you think of the idea?

Slow Photography (via Wired)