What Camera Instruction Manuals Looked Like Back in 1929

This is the instruction manual for the Kodak Petite camera, which was made between 1929 and 1933. It shoots 127 film, and came in five different colors.

(via KEH Camera Blog)

Image credit: Photograph by BlondeShot Creative and used with permission

  • //d.


    I have the instructions manual for my brownie No.1 box camera. theres a page with a photo of a flapper girl illustrating how to hold the thing. its pretty stellar.

  • Mario Groleau

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  • ┬«Dave

    1929? I can’t believe.

  • Christopher Neitzert

    I have one of these cameras, and you were able to get film for it up until the mid 1980s. now if i could find a digital back for it :)