Photographer Chris Jordan Captures the Problem of Plastic in the Pacific

Photographer Chris Jordan uses his photography to bring awareness to a problem that many people have never heard about — baby albatross dying in the middle of the Pacific due to their parents feeding them plastic from the Pacific Garbage Patch. Jordan finds the carcasses of the baby birds scattered around the Midway Islands and captures how they died filled with plastic. Watching this video about his work will probably make you think twice about how you use and dispose of plastic.

Midway (via Fstoppers)

  • James McCormack

    His work reminds me of the issues raised in the “Addicted to plastic” documentary. You can watch the full docu here:

  • Jon

    I will send this video to many others. It is mind boggling, and very very sad.

  • Juergen Tolksdorf

    I like the work, even if or better to say because the content is shocking

  • Rix

    This should be posted all over the world on major news sites the world stands guilty of spreading this garbage all over the planet.

  • Andy

    This problem is happening all over the planet. Having collected around 10kg of specific ‘penny sized plastic’ types from my local beach on the West Coast of New Zealand, it is evident that this under managed material is part of ecosystem. Seaweed washes ashore with the tide and wind as does the plastic types 1 – 6.
    The curious thing is that it is showing no signs of slowing down. We, here in NZ are supposed to epitomize the clean-green image for the world. Our values down under must change if we are to mend this disastrous freak-of-man.
    Keep making documentaries revealing the truth… until it sinks in.