Steven Sasson Talks About Inventing the First Digital Camera

Here’s an interesting portrait of Steven Sasson by David Friedman, shot at Kodak’s headquarters in Rochester, New York. Sasson invented the digital camera as a Kodak engineer back in 1975, and provides an interesting glimpse in this video into how that first camera worked.

Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson (via Laughing Squid)

  • Kim Siebert

    Im afraid Eugene Lally of the Lally Cap the simple yet workeable even I can lightcap to balance your whites when shooting outside or in dark situations. This grey transparent cap simply attaches to your lens, you shoot per white balance instructions and you are done. (FOR THAT LIGHTing scene. Then u do it again when ambiant light changes.
    This works with mostly all sized lenses. Go find Mr. EUGENE LALLY and he will gladly discuss his involvement in the creation of digtal captures. Which started at I. Believe NASA, at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Please contact him!!!!!!! Or google his involvement. He invented the Lally V
    Cap and still shoots film, and is very approachable… just sayin

  • ranger9

    How cool it must be to be able to say, “I invented the digital camera.” And yet I’ll bet not one person in a million would recognize his name. Kind of like (Sir) Tim Berners-Lee…

  • Ran

    mmmmmmmm….. Nope nope no no no no. This looks wrong.

    To me this man invented A DIGITAL CAMERA not “THE” digital camera

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  • Fastactingrelief

    Uhh..I think if you make the first one of something that never existed before, then you’ve invented it.

    ..Unless of course you think that your Canon 7D is “”THE”” digital camera.

    Why get pedantic? The video was fascinating, and this man contributed in a huge way to the photographic world.

  • bri

    so where is this ‘first’ image? seems like it would have made sense to show it in this video

  • Andrew MacDonald

    My thought exactly.